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Visiting the HMCS Haida #ParksCanada

HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo

photo credit: Noah Elford

This past weekend, we toured a war ship!  HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo

The HMCS Haida is the last of the Tribal-class Destroyers that served from 1943 to 1963, and it’s now located in Hamilton, Ontario.  Not only is it a fascinating piece of history, it’s a really cool ship to explore.  It served in the Arctic, the English Channel, Normandy, Biscay, and even Korea.

HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo

The Haida has been designated as a National Historic Site, so we were able to visit for free with our Parks Canada Discovery Pass, which is good all the way through 2017!

HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo

We were able to explore the various living, sleeping and eating areas on the ship, see the artillery and weapons, walk along the catwalks, and peer out of the portholes at the harbour.

HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo

HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo

The kids were intrigued by the bridge, which was smaller than we thought it should be.  It also didn’t have a roof to protect the Captain and Seamen from the elements.  At the other end of the ship, we discovered the secondary command and got to try out the Ship’s Wheel.

HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo

The close quarters were hard to wrap our minds around.  I’m not sure I’d want to live in confined spaces like this for very long!

HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo

When you visit, don’t forget to ask for an Explorer’s Activity Book!  After completing at least 3 activities while touring the Haida, your child will receive a medallion.  We love this program because it’s really engaging for younger ones especially.

HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo HMCS Haida | Welcome To The Zoo

Have you visited a Parks Canada National Park this summer?  Tell me about it in the comments below!

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