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{Video} How To Fill Your Last Few Spots

Susan has a few spots in her daycare that still need to be filled, and she’s looking for advice on how to find more families.  I’ve got a few ideas for her in today’s video!

Below the video, you’ll find a few links to some other great videos that even more great ways to advertise your home daycare.

Top Ten Mostly Free Ways To Advertise Your Home Daycare

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  1. Adrienne Bradley

    A couple of things I have found helpful is to collaborate with other providers so that they refer to me if they can’t take someone. Also, registering with my local CCR has been helpful as well. They refer to local parents who are looking for the services I offer. Finally, asking current parents to get the word out about your child care can be gold. Parents love to share on social media and on the mommy blogs.
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