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{Video} How To Accept Payment in your Home Daycare

A reader asks what the best way to receive payment for her home daycare is.  There are a number of different options, and with each one, you need to consider the cost (if any), the level of convenience, and how soon the payment will hit your bank account.

There’s just one little thing that’s non-negotiable.  Watch to find out what it is!

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  1. lisa howell

    I mostly have pt clients who are waitresses or bartenders. They usually pay me after they get done with their shift, I only recieve cash. No debit or credit.

  2. Christiana

    Great tips! I just opened up a in home daycare 5 months ago ! My hardest part is sticking to my contract! I got a parent who kids will be out the whole month of July! In my contract it states .I must still be paid ! This is the hardest part! How do I enforce this ?

    • Megan Elford

      Hi Christiana! Enforcing a contract is always the hardest part – sometimes we hope the parents just won’t ever test it :-). My suggestion would be to just give them a bill for the month of July, and ask if they’ll be paying for it all at once before they leave or if they’ll be paying for it weekly by email money transfer (or whatever payment method you prefer – post-dated checks, etc). That way you get the point across that they aren’t going to get out of paying, but you’re still acknowledging that they’re in control of how they get that payment to you.
      Let me know how it goes! I know there are LOTS of other providers that will have to deal with this very issue this summer!

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