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The Most Common Form of Child Abuse

It’s not what you think.

The 6 minute video below describes a form of abuse that most of us wouldn’t think was that big a deal.  But it is.  It affects a the way a child learns to interact with others, the way they integrate into society, how they contribute to society, and arguably most importantly, how they parent their own children.

Neglect.  That’s it.  As a parent, it means just doing nothing for or with your child, or perhaps just far less than a parent or caregiver should be doing.  It could be out of necessity (working 3 jobs to put food on the table leaves little time to care for a child), out of a lifestyle choice (addiction), health condition (disability, depression) or simply out of a lack of knowledge (parental role models were absent or neglectful themselves).

Something so simple, yet it has such long-lasting affects.

As much as I wish every adult could foster or adopt, that’s just not always possible.

So how can you be a positive influence in the life of a child in your neighbourhood, town or city?  I’d love to hear the ways you invest in the children of your community!





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