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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking.  It’s too much work, right?  I mean, who has time to sit around designing those super-perfect Martha Stewart-esque layouts that feature one picture per page with a beautifully written memory or words of wisdom to compliment that picture.

And the supplies, well, they cost an arm and a leg.  Albums, embellishments, papers, markers, rows and rows of scissors and ribbons and archival glue.

But then, it IS nice to have physical albums that the kids can page through and show off to their friends, rather than just having all of the family’s vacation pics on your phone.  And there IS something to be said for having details and funny memories written down, rather than just entrusted to the caption on your Facebook photos.

That’s why I scrapbook.  Except it’s not really scrapbooking in the current use of the term.  It’s more like old-school scrapbooking or even smashbooking.  But it’s cheap, not at all well-organized, and far more full of memories than a one-picture-per-page layout.

So whatever it is, this is how I do it.

This one has a cool arrow sticker — you can find LOTS of nifty scrapbooking stickers and embellishments at Dollar Tree, if you want to spend a little extra ;-).

We go through our pictures one event at a time.  Yes, I know it’s a lot of work.  I have a husband who routinely comes home with 500-600 pictures from a 3 hour outing.  But it’s important to narrow them down so that the whole thing doesn’t become overwhelming.

I cheated on this page — I used a pair of wavy scissors to trim the photos. I believe I bought that pair of scissors at Dollarama.

I usually end up with 30-40 good pictures that we have printed at Wal-Mart.  Then I sit down with them and quickly group them by subject or activity (ie. all of the chocolate-covered bacon tasting pics together, etc).

I made lots of use of the brochure on this page.

Then comes the fun part.  Armed with an album ($10-$15), a book of scrapbook paper ($20 – or just use the white paper that comes with the album), scrapbooking letters ($1/sheet), flyers, pamplets, tickets, and other memorabilia from the outing, a couple of glue sticks ($1) and/or white glue, and a pair of scissors, I get to work.

This one has our guest card, the map of the grounds, and a headline from the weekly newsletter.

Working one or two pages at a time, I arrange the photos on the paper.  If I want a contrasting colour of paper to frame a photo, usually I’ll tear a piece of paper to the right size, leaving the torn edges visible to add interest.  And then I glue them down when I like the layout.

Then I’ll add tickets, wristbands, even small items like shells, fossils or rocks that have something to do with the outing.  From our trip to the amethyst mine, I glued in small amethysts.  From one of our trips to Craigleith, I glued in small trilobites (except you’re not supposed to take those from the park, so that’s just between you and me, okay?).

I’ve also done things like using maps or diagrams under the photos, and then grouped the photos around them.wpid-IMG_20140322_125858792.jpgYou can also add interest by crumping itineraries or tickets before gluing them down, or by cutting around the outline of a person or object in a photo.  Cutting out pictures of signs or headlines from tourist brochures works well too.

The finished product is nowhere near what you’d find on one of those scrapbooking websites or even on Pinterest, but it’s quick, cheap and easy, and perfect for a lazy girl like me ;-).

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