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The Best Mom Ever: Sandra

This week’s Best Mom Ever is Sandra!

I’ve known Sandy for several years now, and while I’ve got the floor I have to thank her for having the most fun wedding ever!  Sandy married the tallest teddy bear of a man I have ever known, in the middle of a snow storm.  That day, evening, and the following morning involved a hastily-booked and very crowded hotel room, an early morning drive back home to make it in time to teach Sunday School, and a four foot snow drift covering our front door.  Hands down, the most fun wedding ever!

But I digress … Sandy, please introduce us to your family.

So far it is myself, my husband Stephen and our three year old daughter and Evelyn. We also have a cat named Mr. Pebbles, and we used to have a beta called Fishy before he committed suicide by jumping out of the bowl!

Tell us a bit about your work and your hobbies.

I work for a construction material supplier in Burlington ON. I do landscape design work and customer service. It is a completely male dominated field and sometimes I struggle greatly with severe sexism in the workplace. Old school stereotypes die hard I suppose, but with almost 16 years in the industry I have made a name for myself and am trusted and recognized as a leader in the construction field.

I love to bake and make things from scratch such as deodorant (no I don’t smell like a hippie). My poor hubby puts up with a lot of “experiments”.

pic3What do you, Stephen and Evelyn like to do for fun?

We love to go hiking and spend time in nature. We often go to my Mother-in-law’s trailer in the Kawarthas to go swimming and spend quiet time with each other unplugged from the rest of the world.

pic4What’s a typical day like for your family?

It’s sheer madness. We never leave on time, something is always forgotten!!

I’m up at 5:00 am to workout, shower, make breakfast and lunches , pick out clothes and pack back packs. Then I wake everyone one up, try to make the kiddo eat, get dressed and brush teeth and then everyone is off to work and pre-school.

After work we have dinner together and talk about our days before the bedtime routines. Hopefully, if Evey goes to bed on time, the hubby and I can have some time together, haha. I’m sure anyone who has or has had small children can relate.

pic2What’s the most important thing you’d like Evey to learn?

Compassion. I find that there is very little compassion in the world lately. I feel it’s become easy and acceptable to judge one another without consequences. We need to listen more, empathize more, and judge less. Hurtful words and actions can never be retracted.

10341578_10154116157270582_4848410209011412521_nWhat advice do you wish you had been given before becoming a mom?


You know the one that makes you feel like your screwing up your child because you haven’t managed to sleep train them, help them self soothe, and taught them physics by the time they have reached four months!

No two children are the same, and I have learned that I know my child best and to just go with the flow.

I love that, and I totally agree!

Thank you so much, Sandy, for giving us a glimpse into your life.  Evey is so blessed to have such a great Mom!

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