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The Best Mom Ever!

The Best Mom Ever: Randi-Lynn

Meet Randi-Lynn, this week’s Best Mom Ever!

I met Randi-Lynn through a mutual friend while out on a Girls’ Night, and we had so much fun that night.  The only thing that kept us all from staying out much, much later was that we all had obligations at church early the next morning!

So I was very glad when Randi-Lynn agreed to be featured as The Best Mom Ever, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her better as a result.

Welome to the Zoo, Randi-Lynn!  Tell us about your family.

Jeff and I have been together 13 years – married for 8. We have three children – Julianna (11), Gavin (7), and Maddie (3).  Also a dog, Bychan, and two cats, Dmitri and Zazzles.

2012 Family Picture (Our 2013 one didn’t turn out :'(  )

What about you?  What do you enjoy?

I love horses – my dream is to own a horse farm some day. God hasn’t as yet seen fit to fulfill that desire – perhaps not what he has in store for me 🙂



I am a math and biology high school teacher….by training, at least. Had my teaching degree 6 years, and have taught for a grand total of 5 months in a highschool, and 5 months in an adult learning center!! I am learning to wait and trust in God’s timing and plans.



In the meantime, I tutor mostly highschool students (but not limited to that – some older, some younger) in math and science. It keeps my mind sharp, and keeps me amused – I would do math morning until night, just for fun!! My students are pretty sure I’ve gone off the deep end….



I have had Lyme Disease for 1.5 years. Took until last December to diagnose (got sick in Feb of last year – 2013). Learning to live with severe disability has been quite an adventure, but God has been faithful. He has filled our lives with peace, instead of uncertainty and stress, and has caused my family to grow and lean on him in ways we never expected. So much good has come from my illness. I’ve been in treatment since Feb 2014, and have seen some improvements – I can nearly walk normally again!! I have a long way to go, but I know God will get me there.



At the moment, I am working part time for my Dad again doing AutoCAD programming for his surveying business (partly how I was employed before the illness began). I work from home and set my own hours – an incredible blessing, allowing me to work around my childrens’ schedules and my worst sick days.


Dinner on the porch with my crazies!

What do you and your family do for fun?

Mostly, we go to the beach! The kids and I love to get to the beach as often as we can during the warm months – often, every day during the summer. We love living in Muskoka!!

Before I got ill, we did a lot of hiking in summer, and snowshoeing in winter. Lord willing, we will return to that someday. 🙂

I finally figured out how I could swim despite my loss of abilities – with a life jacket!!  Finally doing something I love to do again! 🙂

Describe a typical day in your home.

Hahaha! Typical? There is no such thing!!During the school year, I get up, get the kids ready for school and out the door. This year, I will attempt to spend most mornings working (around doctors visits) :), and depending on if my hubby is home to entertain the shortest child. Nap for me in the afternoon.

Most of my students come in the afternoon/evening. Depending on that, and if my eldest is around to babysit, I tutor all afternoon and zone in front of the TV in the evening.



Often, kids have activities and we run them off to that.in the summer, the kids get up and watch TV/play on the iPad while I sleep in (SOOOO thankful to be at a stage where they can feed themselves and turn on electronics in the morning! 🙂 ) And there’s often still work for me, plus a few students at some point in the day, plus a nap in the afternoon. And of course, if the weather is nice (which didn’t happen much this summer!), a trip to the beach 🙂

At my brother’s wedding – just out of the picture is a toddler war going on between Maddie and my nephew….I was laughing hysterically when this pic was taken. 🙂

What is the #1 thing you want your children to have learned by the time they become adults?

To trust and lean on God, and look to God to lead them, to provide for them, to be their number one priority. My illness has been such a blessing in opportunities to teach them this!

Kids and I at my brother’s wedding – Dec 2013
Selfie of Jeff and I the day before Lyme became a constant part of my life – we saw Fiddler on the Roof at Stage West in TO 🙂

What advice do you wish you had been given before becoming a mom?

Chill out! 🙂 Relax. Kids are hardier than we think. If you do your best to love and provide for them, you won’t ruin them 🙂

Swimming in Lake Muskoka, at our favorite beach (on one of the few warm days this summer!)
Maddie insists on a daily selfie 🙂

Thank you so much Randi-Lynn, for being so open about your life and your family!  And thank you for being this week’s Best Mom Ever!

Kids at the Toronto Zoo (June 2014)

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