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The Best Mom Ever!

The Best Mom Ever: Lynn

Meet Lynn, our next Best Mom Ever!  I’ve gotten to know Lynn over the last several months, and she is one of the strongest moms I have ever met.  She’s outgoing, great to hang out with and is so much fun to go to the movies with!  But without further ado, welcome Lynn!

Tell us a bit about your family.

I am a single mom, and I live with my two children who are 10 and 11.

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Describe yourself — what do you do and what are your hobbies?

I feel I am a simple person, others may say I am complex. I work a blue collar job and I work as often as I can. I have been working for the past 3.5 years, before that I was a stay at home mom. All I ever wanted to be was a mom, a great mom. My kids are my angels and I would do anything for them. I wouldn’t say that they are my hobbies though, they are my passion and my primary focus. I’m the type of mom who would leave the lawn long or dishes in the sink of it means a chance to cuddle with my kids for a movie or if they need to talk about something.

My hobbies?? That’s a tough one. Who has time for hobbies? I guess you could say my volunteer work is a hobby, and a commitment. It is something I believe in, giving back, but also something I am proud to model for my kids. They see my volunteer work and I can see them starting to volunteer and help out also. I think it is important to take the time to do something for someone who can’t repay you. My garden is definitely a hobby, and one that I share with my kids as they start to take over planting and weeding, but I’m ok with that. I don’t have many hobbies, I work hard to provide for my kids and I take any extra time I have to play hard with my kids.


What do you and your kids like to do for fun?

Anything we can!!! We all love the water, we go to beaches or pools whenever we can and if we can’t we set up the sprinkler in the yard. I play crib and dominoes with my son, I play beauty salon with my daughter, you have no idea how much hair I have lost to tangled elastics !!! Apparently my children also like to plan surprises that give me minor heart-attacks!! It’s ok, I’ll get them back 😉


What is a typical day like for your family?

A typical day? What’s that?

Well, a typical day would be waking up at 7:30. My kids get breakfast and dressed for school. Our morning routine includes making beds, brushing teeth, washing faces, brushing hair, making lunches, packing bags. My son leaves early to go help the Breakfast club, my daughter waits for her walking buddy.

As soon as they leave I go to work. Often my kids will come home from school before I come home from work. I’ll take some time with my kids to talk to them about their day, get them started on homework or spend time with them on the computer. Then it’s off to the kitchen to make dinner. Sometimes my son will help me cook, my daughter sets the table.

At dinner we talk about “highs and lows”. It’s like gratitudes. We take turns talking about the high point(s) and low point(s) in our day. It gives us a chance, as a family, to brainstorm how to work through the low moments hoping to not repeat them and to share and enjoy the good times.

After dinner, if we don’t have an extra curricular we will work together on dishes, sweeping the floor, folding laundry. Then we usually sit down to watch some tv and time on the computer. We end the day with a cup of hot chocolate or ice cream.


What is the #1 thing you want your children to have learned by the time they become adults?

One thing is hard, there is so much I want to teach my children. I would say the one thing is to be happy and proud of themselves (oops, is that two things).

I think society today puts pressure on people to be strong and successful and to maintain the status quo. We are told that we haven’t made it unless we have an ideal marriage, own a home, bring in a 6 figure income and bring home straight A’s. I don’t believe life is ever that ideal. Marriages have issues, homes require work.

But, if you are happy where you are and proud of yourself, then it shouldn’t really matter where you live or what income you bring home. If you can face the mirror every night and know that you have done your best, I believe that is a great life.

I want my kids to know that their life is their responsibility, not anyone else’s. Their happiness is up to them, it is not their friends’ responsibility to make them happy (or their future spouses’).

If you do your best, every day, you can’t ask for anymore of yourself.

I also want my kids to know that it is ok to forgive people who hurt you. Forgiveness isn’t telling that person that what they did is ok and that you trust them. Forgiveness is telling that person that you are not going to let what they did affect you.  Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself to release the negative burden, and it is ok to not trust someone if they have hurt you and to enforce your personal boundaries.


What advice do you wish you had been given before becoming a mom?

That is, honestly, a tough one.

I have the best Mom ever. My Mom taught me to love with all my heart, pray with all my soul, trust with all my spirit.

My Dad taught me to work hard, reach out for help when I needed it and to reach out to help others when asked. I was taught to give a hand out, not a hand up, that if you “give a child a fish they have food for a day, teach a child to fish they have food for a life”, that “if you walk in front of me I may not follow, walk behind me I may not lead, walk beside me and we will face the world together”.

One thing I wish I was told is that we make mistakes, as parents, spouses, friends, but that mistakes are ok. It is through those mistakes that you learn who you are, what you are willing to accept in your life and who is willing to stand beside you in spite of your mistakes (it’s a hard lesson, but a good one to learn).


Thank you Lynn, for sharing your life and your wisdom with us!  I really enjoyed getting to know you better through your answers and through the principles you’ve shared.


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Megan is a WAHM to 3 (and then some) kids, who spends the majority of her time working as an Administrative Assistant, blogging and washing dishes. She loves to write about her adventures in parenting, running a home daycare, adoption and whatever else strikes her fancy!


  1. Katie

    I love the ‘highs’and ‘lows’ discussion topic! What a great way to connect as a family.

    • Megan Elford

      I do too, such a great idea to give kids a prompt for talking about their day!

  2. The Vanilla Housewife

    What a great series Megan! Nice way to highlight mommy bloggers, we all can learn from each other no matter how different (or similar) our ways can be!
    Hi Lynn! Nice to meet you here! My kids like to surprise me too! The kind of mini-heart attacks that I actually like! 🙂

    • Megan Elford

      Thank you! Motherhood can be a lonely job — it’s good to know we’re all dealing with similar struggles and experiences, as well as enjoying our kiddos at the same time!

  3. Katie

    I also meant to mention that I love how she mentioned that she would much rather cuddle than do the dishes, I am the same way! I think this series is wonderful 🙂

  4. Homemade Experience

    What a wonderful way to let great moms shine! I like this series a lot.

  5. Bronwyn Joy @ Journeys Of The Fabulist

    Lovely interview. Sometimes I think it’s good exercise to take time to reflect on these questions as well. Otherwise it’s easy to get caught up just treading water.

  6. Melissande

    This was very enjoyable to read. I’m always super impressed by single moms. Being a mom is hard in and of itself without trying to do it alone. She sounds awesome. I want to be her friend!

  7. Kristen Kelly

    What a great idea for a series! This is a great way to spotlight moms! I love it!

  8. threeboysandamom

    Loved every bit of this!

  9. Lifeblooming

    What a lovely series you’ve created here! Like Katie, I particularly liked the ‘highs and lows’ discussion topic around the dinner table.

  10. Leslie Kendall Dye

    I love the idea of a spotlight series structured on interviews. And what a lovely woman in the spotlight here!

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