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The Best Mom Ever!

The Best Mom Ever: Danielle

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Best Mom Ever!

Today I’d like to introduce you to Danielle, one of the most giving moms I know!

She is the go-to mom at the school all of our kids attend, and she does so much for our school community that it’s hard to imagine how she does it all!  Here she is with some insight into her family dynamic.

Good morning, Danielle!  Welcome to the Zoo!  Introduce us to your family.

I have 3 kids at home with me: Romeo 12, Dante 10, and Eve 6.


Tell us about yourself.

I’m a single mom. I was hired by the SCDSB this past year as a supply E.A.

Prior to that, and during, I’ve been chair of the Parent Council, milk mom, volunteer driver for sports teams, volunteer reader with kindergarten, office help the list goes on!  I believe in raising my own children (no offense to those using daycare as we live a simpler life, finances included) and was eager to be involved in their education when we reached that stage!

I’m looking forward to continuing my education Sept 2015 as a child and youth worker!


That’s a huge list!  In your free time (when you have any!) what do you and your kids do for fun?

We all enjoy camping, canoeing, fishing, the beach, swimming in the grandparents’ pool, hanging out with friends. We used to be a crazy baseball family but decided for a break from that this summer!


Walk us through a day in your home.

Depends if its a school day or not!

We have a schedule during the school year and everyone knows their part, whether it’s getting dressed, packing lunches, making breakfast or trying to squeeze in showers within a certain time limit, then out the door by 830am. Kids in school, I mosey around seeing if milk duties are required, usually have a chat with other volunteer moms I run into unless I’m working for the day.

Then I tidy the house make a meal, maybe go for a walk or coffee, visit, do groceries.

At 3:15 I’m picking the kids up from school, then home to do dinner while any homework gets tended too.  The kids have friends come around or are out on bikes. Dinner, then a family activity whether that’s a board game or ball game, then a tv show ,then bed!

The summer is a joyously unscheduled free for all!


What is the most important thing you’d like your kids to have learned by the time they are adults?

Respect and gratitude.


What advice do you wish you had been given before becoming a mom?

Being told I wouldn’t sleep for 10 years would have been nice!

And that being comfortable with my own instincts is exactly what needs to happen to enjoy motherhood.


Thank you for sharing with us Danielle!

I’m looking for more great moms to feature here on Welcome To The Zoo as part of The Best Mom Ever! series.  Are you a mom?  If so, I’d like to hear from you!  Head over here for the details!

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