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Best News Ever: Chocolate IS A Vegetable!

As part of our spending freeze experiment, I'm making dinner with what we have the day before our trip to the grocery store. We only shop once every two weeks,…

It Takes a Village

Ever wondered why we sometimes have an extra kid or two in tow? People often ask how many kids we have, and who the extra ones are.  I believe it…

We Rode A Train … In A Mall!

I discovered something unique about the spider plant today ... Turns out I asked the kids to hang the Christmas balls from the spider plant.  I guess I was thinking…

The Kids Try Virtual Reality!

LAN Party at our place! [That's a computer gaming party ;-) ] Along with a chance to try out the VR Headset! We also headed to the mall for some…

Chillin’ at McDonald’s

We wanted to vacate the house for the evening, so we ran a few errands and then ended up at (of course) McDonald's. I told the kids they could get…

14 Chairs and a Burlap Wreath

It's been a full week, and I'm finishing up getting ready for the training session/luncheon at our place. And check out the 11th hour deal I got on folding chairs…

Making Space for 20-ish People

Today I'm working on rearranging my living room (between doing my job and running to the office ... and then back to the office again).  I'm hosting a training seminar…

Monday Morning

Here's a brief look at our Monday, complete with army tanks. Because what Monday morning is complete without army tanks? These ones are remote-controlled tanks that the kids got for…

White Screen of Death

Because of a conflict between a brand new theme and one of my plugins, I white-screened a Wordpress website I was working on.  In this video, I also discuss the…

Fewer Trick-Or-Treaters This Year!

We had far fewer kids at our door for Halloween than we expected! But, according to a friend that lives around the corner -- they all went to her house…

Birthday Shopping at Walmart!

I've been feeling like things have been too busy lately, with work and meetings and volunteer activities and kids activities. Because of that, I decided to back out of a…

Big Sister Fail!

I totally failed the Big Sister test this time around! I don't know what I was thinking ... My brand new computer arrived from Best Buy ... and didn't work!…
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