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The Journey of Adoption

The Home Study

This post is LONG overdue!  Our Home Study, a necessary prerequisite for our approval for adoption, started in July, and has now been completed.  It's the beginning of November.  If…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE Week #7

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This week's class was all about discipline.  We started with figuring out the difference between "discipline" and "punishment". When I think of the word "discipline",…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE Training — Week 6

This week we talked about "Strengthening Family Relationships". We watched about an hour of  "A Place Between:  The Story of An Adoption", a first person documentary about the search for…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE – Week 5

This past week was our "panel week", instead of what is scheduled as Week #5 in the PRIDEbook.  We had several guests: a kinship-care mom, an adoptive mom, and a…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE – Week #4

This week's topic was loss: how it impacts children, how they process it, and how we can help them through it. As we learned, while adoption may be a huge…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE Training – the Third Week

This week's session was all about attachment, an essential part of any child's development.  We don't often consider how important a step attaching to a caregiver is for a newborn…