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fort hope


Trip to Fort Hope {Part Three}

"The only way to serve God is to serve other people."  My recent trip to Fort Hope made me realize in a new way that the reward in serving goes…

Trip to Fort Hope {Part Two}

Here's a look at some of the lighter moments of our trip to Fort Hope in 2017!  From sand hill rolling to filleting fish, we had a blast and shared…

Trip to Fort Hope {Part One}

Here's a look at the first few days of my trip north to Geraldton and Fort Hope! We flew into Thunder Bay from Toronto, and then drove to Geraldton, taking…

Mercy House Unboxing

Today I received my order of Christmas gifts from Mercy House!  I found a number of things that I'll be able to bless others with, while helping support women and…

A Different World

When I flew into Fort Hope, I hit the ground running.  With just enough time to change my shirt, we were out the door and setting up for a women's…

Fort Hope Recap Video

In May of 2016, I traveled to Fort Hope, Ontario, to serve with a wonderful group of women. I learned two huge things: 1) Our "big" problems here in Southern…