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Life In General

Why I Quit Home Daycare

While I love helping others run their own home daycare, I actually don't do it myself any longer.  I loved the ability to make a great income while not having…
Eva Ravikovich
Home Daycare

Who’s Watching The Baby?

Two years ago, a little girl named Eva died at an unlicensed daycare right here in Ontario.  Recently, her parents got the go-ahead to sue the Ontario government for their…
Home Daycare

The Ultimate Guide To Home Daycare

Running your own in-home daycare is one of the best ways to make money while working from home, without having to pay for child care yourself. There is relatively little…
Home Daycare

Home Daycare How-To: Discipline

We've all been there: Little Hunter is playing happily until Colin walks over and grabs his toy.  Hunter winds up and socks Colin in the arm.  Or bites him.  Or…
Home Daycare

Sensory Play: Foam Dough!

So I was browsing Pinterest the other day and found this super-easy recipe for Indoor Snow on Craftulate.  While snow was forecast for Northern Ontario today, I'm hoping we won't…
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