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What The CAS Doesn’t Tell You

I've received a few nasty comments over the last little while in response to a video I posted about the pay Foster Parent's receive. This is my response, and alot…

How Much Does Adoption Really Cost?

November is Adoption Awareness Month, and if you're like me, you've seen quite a few social media posts about how expensive and inaccessible adoption is. So today, I'm taking you…

Family First with Wendy’s!

This post brought to you by Wendy’s. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Welcome To The Zoo. Children in foster care "aren't someone else's responsibility, they are…

What is Kinship Care?

It was a Monday afternoon.  My daughter was home from school, sick with the last of a strep infection.  I was getting as much work done as I could while…

Things I’ve Learned as a Pre-Adoptive Mother

It's been one year since we were approved, one year since our PRIDE training, home study, record checks, medicals, fingerprinting, home inspections, and baby proofing were completed. But no, we…

Osteology and the Study of Garbage Bags

Little known fact about me:  I love bones.  Mostly human bones, but I also enjoy animal skeletons. One time in university we had a guest speaker that our Osteology prof…

Scattered Links

With the recent media coverage of the complaints from the athletes participating in the Sochi Olympics, light has been shed on the state of not only orphaned dogs in Russia,…

The Most Common Form of Child Abuse

It's not what you think. The 6 minute video below describes a form of abuse that most of us wouldn't think was that big a deal.  But it is.  It…

Adoption Update {Jan 2014}

If nothing else, the process of adoption is a lesson in patience.  For a woman who would rather drag a couch up the stairs on her own than wait for…
The Journey of Adoption

The Home Study

This post is LONG overdue!  Our Home Study, a necessary prerequisite for our approval for adoption, started in July, and has now been completed.  It's the beginning of November.  If…
DIY Projects

Family Key Tree Project

I found these decorative metal keys while at Micheal's one day, and snatched one of each of the 6 unique designs. I loved the intricate designs and knew I had…
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