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Sensory Play: Foam Dough!

So I was browsing Pinterest the other day and found this super-easy recipe for Indoor Snow on Craftulate.  While snow was forecast for Northern Ontario today, I’m hoping we won’t see any of it for quite some time.  Still, I thought it might be fun to whip up the indoor version for my little friend to play with.

Foam Dough4

Now, having played with the end result, I’m not so sure that “Indoor Snow” is the best name for it.  It’s not really very snow like at all (I know, I know … call me Canadian).  So I thought we should call it by it’s other name, Foam Dough.  It’s a light dough that feels springy in your hands but that crumbles easily, and is SO much fun!


-shaving cream


-food colouring (optional)



1. Squirt some shaving cream into a bowl and stir in a few drops of food colouring (if desired).


2. Dump in a roughly equal amount of cornstarch and stir until it looks good.  Add a touch more shaving cream if needed.


How’s that for super-easy?

The dough will be crumbly until you start to play with it and squish it together.  And of course, it will fall apart quite easily.  We put our dough on a tray at the kitchen table for easy clean-up, because this is one activity that does make a mess.

Do your kids enjoy playing with play dough?  I’d love to hear your recipes and clean-up strategies!FoamDough


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    How cool is that? My little one would love to play with this.

  2. Michelle Snow

    This sounds like something for a rainy day play day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Debi@ The Spring Mount 6 Pack

    My youngest daughter would LOVE to play with this. I can’t wait to plan a day for me and her to try this out!

  4. Mrs. Jilly Fisher

    Looks like a ton of fun! We will have to try it.

  5. Dawn Kropp

    My little nieces would love to play in this foam dough! I’m sharing this with my SILs 🙂

  6. Liz Mays

    When kids can get hands on like that, they learn so much! This is awesome.

  7. Pauline Cabrera

    Awesome! Now, it can be winter all year round for the kids.

  8. Juliana RW

    Looks fun. We never try it for the boys.

  9. citymomsecrets

    This is so easy to make! We can definitely attempt this!

  10. Yona Williams

    My nephew would have too much fun with this – I can’t show him this post or my brother will have a few choice words for me…as in…it will probably find it’s way everywhere!! Maybe I will test this out on my own.

  11. Jaime Nicole

    Looks great for little ones and introducing different sensory items!

  12. maggiesblog2

    This is so neat and wow, that is so easy! Thanks for the post!

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