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Reasons Why Women Need To Get Away

womenneedtogetaway2The bills are piled up as high as the laundry, there is more chauffeuring to do than gas in the tank, and you haven’t had a chance to be alone with your own thoughts in a long, long time.

We were taught that women can do it all, but we were never taught how to breath in between “it” and “all”.   But we really need to learn.  We need to stop and pause and refresh ourselves.  We need to allow ourselves to be poured into, so that we can continue pouring out.

We say we’re too busy, or that we don’t have the money to get away, or that there’s no one to watch our kids, or that there’s just too much going on.

Those are excuses.  Excuses that we use to keep ourselves from slowing down.  Why?  Is it because we don’t feel we deserve a break?  Or because we don’t want to admit that we need to stop, and pause, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us, to pour into us and to refresh us?

Every year, our church puts together Blossom Women’s Conference, designed specifically to encourage and equip women as they follow Christ.  But every year, the excuse is heard again and again: I’m too busy to go this year.  And I know it’s not just around these parts that women give that excuse.  It’s heard the world over.

May I impart a quick word to the wise?  We’re all too busy.  And that excuse needs to stop.  Now.

Having to work is not what I’m talking about.  We all need to work to pay the bills.  What I’m talking about is cramming your schedule so full of all of that other non-essential stuff that you don’t have time to let God whisk you away for a few hours and let Him speak to you.  When we’re too busy for God, something else needs to give.

Whether it’s a Christian women’s conference, a weekly Bible Study, or even an extra 5 minutes each morning, we need to let God in to our schedule.

So here are 5 great reasons why women need to get away and spend time learning and worshiping God.

God speaks to us in the quiet.

When we’re rushing from activity to activity, we miss that chance to listen for God’s voice, whether it’s through our personal study time, through the words of a child, or through the hug of friend.

We can’t pour into others without being filled ourselves.

When you’re feeling burnt out, that’s a sure sign you’re doing things in your own strength.  Say no to something, and say yes to God.  Let Him restore your energy, your compassion, and your strength.

We can’t renew our minds without spending time in God’s Word.

Church once a week is a great start, but I’m a woman and a mom.  I know how much women actually get out of the worship time and the sermon.  You’re either shushing a child, nursing a baby, thinking about what you’re going to feed everyone for lunch, mentally prioritizing your Monday morning to-do list, or thinking that the skirt you’re wearing is starting to feel a bit snug.  God wants more of you than that.  We need a dedicated time when we can push all of that other stuff aside, and focus on the Creator of the Universe.

We need time with other Believers.

Going through the motions of work, housework, child care, school runs, volunteer duties and all of that other stuff, doesn’t usually allow us much of an opportunity to really spend time talking about spiritual things with other Christ-following women.  We need to make a conscious effort to make those opportunities happen.

We need time without demands.

Jesus needed to get away from the crowds that were constantly reaching for him, grabbing at him and calling his name.  What makes us think we should be any different?  We need to create time to spend without little voices begging for attention, without the open project on our desk calling our name, and without the waiting housework making us feel guilty.  We need that break.

So, I’m challenging you to look for a way to make time to get away, whether it’s physically, or whether it’s simply creating a time slot and space for you to be alone with God.  Allow Him to refresh you and fill you up.  Look for a day away or some other way to get in a place where Jesus can meet you where you are and restore your soul.

How do you know when it’s time for you to get away and spend time alone with God?

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Megan is a WAHM to 3 (and then some) kids, who spends the majority of her time working as an Administrative Assistant, blogging and washing dishes. She loves to write about her adventures in parenting, running a home daycare, adoption and whatever else strikes her fancy!


  1. Just Plain Marie

    I 100% agree that I need to get away and have some recharge time. I just don’t see it happening any time soon. 😀
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  2. Nance

    Amen! I have been resolved to be “away” daily and enjoy fellowshipping with God and it has been paying off. My relationship with the people are around me is great because of the power from the Holy Spirit. Without God’s word enriching my soul, I would not be able to do it! 🙂

  3. Susannah

    Yes! We all – women and men – need to get away and spend time focusing on the Lord. Our society is so caught up in actions but we need to give ourselves the grace to spend time NOT doing things. <3
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  4. Miranda

    I know when I need a break because I get very snappy, impatient, and short tempered. When I am like that, I can’t be the mom and wife that I need to be. Taking care of yourself and taking breathers every now and then is not only a good thing, it is a necessity. Thanks for the post.
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  5. brianna

    Yup. Sooo needed. More often than any of us do presently. 🙂 great post!

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  6. Melanie

    We should never be too busy to spend time with God.
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  7. Marissa

    It is amazing how quickly God can refresh us when we are in presence with no other distractions. I think it’s also important to remember that during certain season of life, those get aways look different. It’s about being with God and allowing Him to fulfill our needs.

    Thanks for sharing your tips, they are great.


  8. Anna Harris

    Such a great post! I really needed this. I have a very difficult time remembering to take time for myself to be with God alone and be refreshed. I don’t have kids but I have multiple jobs and a husband and it’s just really hard to find the time, yet I won’t be able to keep doing all that I do without a break every now and then. Great post 🙂
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