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Murdoch Mysteries Set Tour #MurdochMysteries

Murdoch Mysteries – it’s a turn of the century television drama, set in Station House No. 4 in Toronto, Canada, and it has become popular around the world! 

Inspired by the real-life exploits of pioneering Detective John Wilson Murray, the fictional Detective William Murdoch investigates murders with the help of his wife, Dr. Julia Ogden, Constable Crabtree, Dr. Emily Grace, Inspector Brackenreid, and the rest of the force at Station House No. 4.

Murdoch uses cutting edge ideas and his own inventions to solve crimes, all while subtly poking fun at modern methods and pop culture.  Well written, wonderfully acted and perfectly timed, it’s a TV series that even our Prime Minister endorses.

This trailer gives you a great idea of some of the storylines:

I love the show, love the characters and love the storylines, but most of all, I love the fact that it’s set in our own backyard – Toronto.

A couple of years ago, we visited the SS Keewatin, the ship in the trailer above, and we had a great time.  But visiting the set and backlot was even better!

20150809_165903Yesterday, my friend Jean and I were able to join in on the Fan Day festivities on the Murdoch set!  First we checked out the morgue:20150809_15045620150809_152252Then we toured around Station House No. 4:

20150809_155310 20150809_154737 20150809_154500We also got a demonstration from the Prop Master, Craig Grant, on how they do autopsies in the show.

20150809_151541The backlot was so much bigger than I had expected.  There were several storefronts, The Queens Hotel, street vendors, and more.  We wandered around the streets of the backlot while waiting for our turn to meet Jonny Harris (Constable Crabtree).

We were able to look around at our own pace and even interact with some of the actors.  They were all great and looked like they were really having fun taking pictures with us, sharing stories, and generally goofing around.

20150809_153505 20150809_153535 20150809_160244 20150809_165712It was really neat to see the set in person, and to see the attention to detail that goes into making Murdoch Mysteries so authentic.

And of course, we got to meet one of the lead actors, Constable Crabtree himself!  Jonny Harris was the only actor that didn’t have to scootch down to my height, yay!  #shortpeopleunite

Jonny has a new show that is a ton of fun.  He’s a stand up comedian, in addition to his other ventures, and in his reality show, Still Standing, he tours around tiny little Canadian towns, talking to the citizens and seeing the sights.  Then he does a stand up routine about the town, for the town’s residents.  So much fun!

20150809_165602(0)We did and saw so much more — take a look at the video below for some more great pictures and videos!


We’re already planning next year’s visit to the set, and we’re hoping to spend even more time touring around.  I can’t wait!  

What TV or movie set would you most like to visit?

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    How fun that you got to go check out the set. We don’t get that show here in the US, but I wonder if I can find it on Netflix or something?

    • Megan Elford

      I believe that a few of the earlier seasons are on the US Netflix. The Canadian Netflix has almost all, if not all, of the 8 seasons. I’ve heard that it’s called “The Artful Detective” in the states, so you may find it under that name.

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That looks like so much fun! I always love behind the scenes looks like this.
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  3. rika

    OMG… those pics freaked me out 😉 I love horror and mystery movies. Fun to watch !
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  4. Jeanette

    I love seeing behind the scenes stuff, this was really neat. That body looks SO realistic! It’s down right scary!
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  5. Chubskulit Rose

    Oh gosh, this is not something I would like to see lol./ I like horror movies but seeing this, makes it real.
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  6. Jenn

    That is so cool!! I have never watched the show but I have heard of it! It is on my list of netflix binge shows. I love that it is filmed in TORONTO!
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  7. Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations

    Oh wow, what a cool experience! That morgue both freaks me out and fascinates me!

  8. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    I love seeing show sets. It’s always so interesting to see how it looks in real life versus what we see on TV.
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  9. Alli

    I love a good murder mystery and would love to tour the set and see behind the scenes. Looks like so much fun!
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  10. Liz Mays

    Wow this sounds like an awesome experience. I think my daughter and I would have a lot of fun here!
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  11. Felicita Moncada

    This is so cool! Seeing the place where the show takes place up close and personal – what an experience!
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  12. Joanne T Ferguson

    WOW and what a fun experience this would have been! Nothing like visiting a set to see how a show is really done, eh?

  13. michele d

    What a fun day that you had on the tour. Looks like you had a wonderful time too. I’ve never heard of the Murdoch Mysteries until now. Definitely will be on the look for it.

  14. ARod

    Look like such fun. Almost like visiting a haunted house. Which I so love to do. Thanks for sharing.
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  15. Mykidsguide

    How exciting it must have been to visit the set. I haven’t heard of the show. I hope I can watch it on Netflix.
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  16. Carin

    Very interesting – I have always wondered about this show. Now I will definitely watch it!
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  17. Annemarie LeBlanc

    How lucky can you get? It must be cool to be included in a tour to watch. Murdcoh Mysteries are a good book that I can add to my booklist-wishlist.
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  18. When the Skies Are Gray

    I’ve never heard of this series, maybe it hasn’t reached the US popularity yet. Seems like a cool tour though! I always love seeing behind the scenes!
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  19. CourtneyLynne

    Omg how neat!!!! It would be so fun to see a set in person!!! See how things are actually filmed. So cool 🙂

  20. Dina

    I love mysteries. It looks like you had a fun day at the set! I’d love to visit Suits set!
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  21. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have always wanted to go on a set and see what it is like. This looks like it was so much fun.

  22. Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies

    My husband and I actually watch Murdoch mysteries and love it! We live in Toronto so it’s really neat to how it’s filmed around the area and set here!
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  23. Tiffany @ Daily Leisure

    Oh neat! I think that my little sister would love a show like this!
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  24. Rosey

    Detroit had films going on and we lived close but never made it. I think it would be fun to see.

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