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Making The Holidays Stress-Free with #AvionVIP !


I love shopping.  I hate malls.

Sure, they offer a ton of different stores in a beautiful, climate-controlled atmosphere, but around the Christmas holidays, they can become cesspools of crazy.  People always seem to be running non-stop, impatiently waiting in line, carrying around armfuls of new purchases and winter coats, with moods to match the dreary weather outside.

RBC Avion gets that.  And they have an amazing solution.  It’s called the Avion Holiday Boutique and it will change your shopping experience forever!

Last week, I had a chance to experience the perks of being an Avioner as an #AvionVIP.


RBC Holiday Boutique at Yorkdale


I pulled up at the Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto at the Valet Parking, and handed my keys to a wonderful Valet who didn’t even blink twice at the toys, crumbs and water bottles strewn around my mini-van.  My van was parked in a premium lot about 10 seconds from the door to the mall.  Perfect!


Then I made my way to the RBC Holiday Boutique.  Now, normally I would have done my Christmas shopping first, and then headed to the Holiday Boutique, because of the amazing services they offer.


I was greeted by a friendly doorman who ushered me in and directed me toward the coat and parcel check counter and the bar.  Yes, the bar!  During holiday hours, the Holiday Boutique offers free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks and water to #AvionVIPs!


I strolled past the comfy lounge chairs and welcoming decor to visit the Gift Wrapping counter.  At the Holiday Boutique, Avioners get their purchases (bought at the mall) wrapped for free!  And that’s not even the coolest part.

Avion-InPost3 Avion-Header



Me and Kevin Rempel, Canadian Ice Sledge Hockey Team Member, and Bronze Medal winner at the Sochi Paralympics! He let me wear his medal!

Avion Passport App

Brand new this year, is the Avion Passport App.  Kevin Rempel, Bronze Medal winner in the Sochi Paralympics, was kind enough to give me a tour of the app on his phone.

Using the app, you can choose the wrapping paper and include the names for the gift tag while you’re doing your shopping.  Then, when you head to the Holiday Boutique, they’ll already have your information and can start wrapping your gifts right away.  No waiting in line!


But wait, it gets better.  You can leave your gifts, and the app will give you an approximate wait time.  So you can head out to dinner after your long day of schlepping from store to store.  And when your gifts are ready?  The app will notify you!  After dinner, you simply head back to the Holiday Boutique to pick up your wrapped and tagged gifts, and you, my friend, are all ready for Christmas!


Now, just imagine the possibilities with the RBC Holiday Boutique.

You and hubby set out with the kids to do your Christmas shopping.  You have free Valet parking – no need to worry about a busy parking lot with toddlers and strollers in tow.  You can even drop hubby and the kids at the Boutique to enjoy free drinks and comfy surroundings while you do the shopping solo.  That’s pretty much heaven right there.  Then, with the Avion Passport app, you notify the Expert Gift Wrappers of your purchases and gift details, drop off your gifts and grab hubby and the kids.  Head somewhere for dinner and then send hubby in to pick up your wrapped and addressed gifts when the app lets you know they’re ready. 

Christmas Shopping – done. 

Gift wrapping – done

A stress-free shopping trip with the entire family, unheard of until now – done!

This dream shopping trip is totally free for #AvionVIPs (RBC Avion Card holders).  But RBC didn’t want to leave anyone out.  In fact, at Yorkdale, you can make use of their Valet Parking and Gift Wrapping services for a small charge that is donated to  Sick Kids hospital.

And, if you download the app as a non-Avioner, they’ll provide FREE gift wrapping for up to 5 items bought at the mall!


Glenn DeSouza, VP, Retail Cards at RBC, and Heather Colquhoun, RBC Manager of Corporate Communications, filled me in on all of the amazing perks that #AvionVIPs enjoy!


Last year, the Yorkdale location saw 105,000 people through their doors, and this year, it’ll be even more.  

You’ll want to check it out, whether you’re an #AvionVIP or not.  But if you’re not, believe me, you’ll be very tempted to join the ranks of Avioners who enjoy luxuries like this every year!

I visited the RBC Holiday Boutique at Yorkdale in Toronto, but locations are also at Metropolis in Metrotown in Burnaby (November 27th to December 31st), at the St. Laurent in Ottawa, and at the Halifax Shopping Center in Halifax (November 27th to December 24th).

What would you enjoy most about being an #AvionVIP?

“Disclosure: I am part of the RBC® Avion Holiday Boutique Influencer Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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Megan is a WAHM to 3 (and then some) kids, who spends the majority of her time working as an Administrative Assistant, blogging and washing dishes. She loves to write about her adventures in parenting, running a home daycare, adoption and whatever else strikes her fancy!


  1. Jeannette

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  2. Pam

    I love that it gives you a time estimate for you to do something else while you can get your gifts wrapped. That sounds like a great app and Avion sounds cool!

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