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Living The High Life As An #AvionVIP

Picture this:

It’s 2 weeks before Christmas, and you still have a ton of shopping to do.  Short on time, you head out to the mall to brave the crowds with the kids in tow.  You meander through the parking lot, with instructions to the kids to holler if they see an empty space.  They don’t, so you drive around until you see a shopper with an armload of packages heading away from the mall.  Then, like the 5 other drivers thinking the same thing, you wait like a vulture until the unsuspecting shopper has pulled out of her parking spot.  You pull in and unload the kids, and then guide them across a busy lot full of distracted drivers.  When you finally get inside the mall, you’re already exhausted.  Undeterred, you help the kids take off their bulky winter coats, mitts, hats and scarves, and pile them on your toddler’s stroller.  There’s no more room for your toddler now, so he holds your hand while you shop.  Or at least he does for the first 10 minutes.  After that it’s a non-stop parade of chasing after kids while grabbing whatever items are closest to each store’s entrance as you attempt to cross every name off your shopping list.  The kids get tired and cranky and your energy starts to lag.  You head to the food court for some coffee for yourself and some keep-quiet treats for the kids.  When you get there the food court is loud and full of hungry shoppers.  The line ups are long, and the tables are all full.  The kids are impatient, and you still have several gifts to buy.  Does it have to be like this?

Imagine this:

It’s 2 weeks before Christmas, and you still have a ton of shopping to do.  Short on time, you head out to the mall to brave the crowds with the kids in tow.  You pull up to the Valet Parking entrance where you unload the kids and then walk directly into the mall with no traffic to dodge.  You head straight to the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique, and check your coats, mitts, hats and scarves for safe keeping.  With no coats to carry, your toddler sits buckled safely into his stroller, and you stroll through the mall to do your shopping.  You make it through your shopping list when the kids start to get tired and cranky.  Undeterred, you head back to the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique for hot chocolate for the kids and coffee for yourself.  You hand your newly purchased gifts to the staff to be gift wrapped and then settle into a comfy chair to sip your coffee while the kids relax.


Which would you rather?  Yep, me too.  RBC Avion has done an amazing job of taking the crazy out of Christmas shopping.

This past week I got the wonderful opportunity of experiencing the Avion Holiday Boutique at the Yorkdale Mall firsthand.  I was greeted by a team of Valets who parked my minivan two spots (two spots!) away from the door.


Then I was welcomed into the Boutique itself by the Concierge who directed me to the coat check and coffee bar.  I spoke with the staff about the gift wrapping service, and even had the piano player agree to letting me take this video:

Yes, there’s really a live piano player playing all of your favourites from Christmases past.

Wait, you’re probably thinking, how much does all of this cost?  For those with an RBC Avion card — it’s all complimentary!  But guess what: If you don’t have a card, you can still get all of these great services.  There’s a small fee for each service, and the fees all go straight to Sick Kids.  Win-win!  Yes, you can have your valet parking, coat and parcel check, and gift wrapping all while donating to charity ;-).


So make your Christmas shopping easier, and dare I say – enjoyable?  Head to the RBC Holiday Boutique at Yorkdale Mall or Square One Shopping Center in Toronto or Coquitlam Center in BC.  Each one is open from November 22 to December 31, 2014, during mall hours.



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  1. Debbie Champagne

    Oh wow…..I never heard of that place before. It does sound awesome. I will have to see if there is one around me n check it out.

  2. Francisca Ramos

    This is a great place to take my family. I like how fun the store looks.

  3. tweenselmom

    Sounds like a nice place to go Christmas shopping!

  4. crysta911

    I hate wrapping presents. That sounds like a little slice of heaven!

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