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Game Night {Just The Girls}

It started innocently enough.  Daddy was dropping the boys off at Youth, while we finished up the dishes, homework and sweeping.  But then we had an idea.  A wonderful idea.

Sitting on our kitchen counter was a pristine, unopened box from Influenster.  We knew what was inside, and we knew we were supposed to wait til an uninterrupted family night.  But that just didn’t seem to be happening with our crazy busy schedules.

So my darling daughter asked if we could open it.  “We should wait for Daddy”, I said.  She suggested that we just start playing and that he could join in when he got home.  I dried my hands and said “Alright”.

And so we opened that mysterious box, and found … Monopoly Junior!  I quickly got the scissors and cut off the shrink wrap while my mini-me bounced with excitement.  The toddler, from his high chair, giggled at her silliness.


She unpacked each part and piece, one by one, and then counted out our money and distributed our playing tokens.  She was the dog, I was the boat.

And so ensued a secret game of Monopoly Junior, in which I was soundly beaten by the pure wits and budgeting power of a 7 year old.


While I lost, and lost badly, I was comforted to realize that the only reason I succumbed was because of my daughter’s brilliance (due in large part to me), and the fact that this version of Monopoly was designed specifically for her age group.

With only $1 bills, and single-digit pricing on properties and rent prices, this game was created to give your child the advantage.  It doesn’t help that the properties are much more exciting than the likes of Vermont Avenue and St. Charles Place – the properties of Monopoly Junior include Ice Cream Parlour, Skate Park and Candy Store.

And it certainly doesn’t help that one only needs to pay $1 to get out of jail.


Properties are designated as “sold” when a player buys one and puts his or her Sold Sign (depicting the appropriate playing token) on that property.  Much easier to keep track of than all of those choke hazard-sized houses and hotels in traditional Monopoly.  And the playing tokens themselves are plastic and much more kid-friendly.


So really, the odds were stacked against me.  Ever the gracious loser however, I agreed to a rematch, possibly including the rest of the family …  if they’re up to it.

Monopoly Junior was provided to me by Hasbro and Influenster in return for my honest and unbiased opinion.  



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Megan is a WAHM to 3 (and then some) kids, who spends the majority of her time working as an Administrative Assistant, blogging and washing dishes. She loves to write about her adventures in parenting, running a home daycare, adoption and whatever else strikes her fancy!


  1. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    Some of my favorite memories are from board games played with my oldest in the middle of the night. Sound like you had fun!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    We have a game night every week. This sounds like a great game to add into our rotation!

  3. Liz Mays

    I’ve never seen that before, but those little playing pieces are the cutest! I just love this version of the game!

  4. DeShaun

    This sounded like south fun and rewarding mommy and daughter time..I see a monopoly jr in our future.

  5. Kae James

    I LOVE playing board games! I can’t wait for my son to get a little older to play. Monopoly is a classic and also just freaking awesome!

  6. mom @ FamiGami

    That looks like a game my kids would like ! And spontaneous fun stuff is always the best!!

  7. Kungphoo

    I love monopoly.. but no one will play it with me.. they say it takes too much time.. isnt that the point.. Sorry you lost so badly 🙂

  8. jenniferhall242567341

    My daughter would love this game, we don’t play board games much since my husband has to be dragged kicking and screaming into it!

  9. crysta911

    I love game night!

  10. Tiffany Washko

    I so need to start a game night!

  11. Mrs. Jilly Fisher

    I love monopoly! That is so cool they made one for little kids. I can’t wait till my 2 year old gets older, so we can have fun nights like this.

  12. maggiesblog2

    We love game nights around here! That looks like so much fun!

  13. Yona Williams

    I love that they have ‘Jr’ versions of a lot of classic games we know and love. We’re past the Monopoly Jr stages in my family, but I wouldn’t mind getting an Outburst Jr. to bring home for my nephew…I think they still have that around, I hope.

  14. Dawn @ Pin-n-Tell

    Monopoly is a game that never ends.. at least in my home 🙂 Love game nights!

  15. Kylie

    Looks like a fun spin on the classic monopoly!

  16. Debi@ The Spring Mount 6 Pack

    I haven’t seen this version before but it would be fun to see if my littlest could play. She always wants to play Monopoly.

  17. citymomsecrets

    LOL $1 to get out of jail? I want that card! (not that i’ve ever been to jail, but just in case! haha) I used to love this game growing up! I can’t wait to play it with my son.

  18. Danielle

    Monopoly is one of my favorite board games I use to even have it on my computer. I will have to grab this for my son probably for Christmas.

  19. Adin Blankenship

    Oh this is fun. We love MONOPOLY game and this is just a fun one to play with kids. This would be perfect for staying in the house when the weather outside is cold and unbearable

  20. Adin Blankenship

    We love MONOPOLY game and this is just so fun to play with the kids. This would be perfect for days when it is unbearably cold outside. And it would make a great gift for the game enthusiasts. Love this one!

  21. Carly Anderson (@lipglosscrayons)

    I had no idea they had Monopoly Junior. I think my daughter could play this one.

  22. tweenselmom

    That’s cute! We also love monopoly, but now we are looking at the one which has an ATM card.

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