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Freshen Your Home For The Holidays!

The Christmas season is here!  I am so looking forward to getting together with family and friends, catching up and celebrating with them.  Many of those gatherings will happen right here, in our cozy little home.

I love our house, but truth is, it’s not huge.  That’s why I try to keep a close eye (or nose) on our various garbage cans.  When the garbage starts to stink, the house starts to stink.  And I can always track it down to one of two places — the kitchen, and the bathroom.

We have the change table in the bathroom, so that’s where our diaper can is.  And some days, a squirt of air freshener doesn’t even help that!

And then of course, our kitchen garbage can get pretty ripe by the end of the day.  I take it out every evening, but even then, sometimes it’s the kind of garbage that makes you want to hold your breath and run as quickly as you can to the outdoor can.

Enter Glad Odour Guard Kitchen Catchers scented with Febreeze Freshness.  Glad was kind enough to send me a few samples, and I have been putting them to great use (I’ll spare you the pictures …).


I noticed a difference the minute I pulled one out of the box.  These bags are much thicker, stronger, and bigger than what I’ve been using.  And they have a really pleasant scent.  My daughter and I spent at least 2 full minutes just smelling them … I’ll spare you those pictures too!

Taking out the kitchen garbage is so much less of a chore now.  I don’t have to hold my breath, and I’m not afraid that the bag might rip under the weight of the garbage when I lift it out of the can.

I’ve also started using them in the diaper can.  We use disposables, and up until now I was bagging each dirty diaper individually to keep the smell contained.  A few days after I started using the Glad bags, I ran out of little plastic bags for the dirties.  That’s when I really got to put the Glad Odour Guard to the test — and they stood up to the challenge!a_003

It may sound too good to be true, but Glad Odour Guard Kitchen Catchers have made my bathroom smell much more inviting!  And not only that, but I’m keeping those little plastic bags out of the landfill.

Just think of the options for the Glad Compostable Odour Shield bags too — summer time composting never smelled so good!

Give them a try, I bet you’ll be impressed.  And I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you keep your house smelling fresh!

I received free products and compensation in return for this post, but as always, my opinion is my own.

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Megan is a WAHM to 3 (and then some) kids, who spends the majority of her time working as an Administrative Assistant, blogging and washing dishes. She loves to write about her adventures in parenting, running a home daycare, adoption and whatever else strikes her fancy!


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That definitely sounds like something I need to be using. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Tiffany Washko

    Can’t do without garbage bags. They are a must have.

  3. kungphoo

    I have not seen this in the stores yet.. but anything to guard against the garbage smell is good.

  4. Jennifer Corter

    I love Glad bags! They’re all we use in my house! 🙂

  5. maggiesblog2

    I need some of these! We use disposable diapers too and wrap each one Ina plastic baggy before throwing it away! Thanks for the post!

  6. mykidsguide

    I haven’t seen any of these before, but they look like a good product!

  7. Liz Mays

    I use this variety in my kitchen trash can where it’s needed most. It helps a lot!

  8. ednamyers68

    Glad and Febreeze in one product? Now that is a brilliant idea! I will be buying these on shopping day!

  9. Mrs. Jilly Fisher

    I love anything Febreze!!!

  10. rachellemama

    I LOVE those scented trashbags, it’s the only kind we use lol!

  11. Ann Bacciaglia

    I need these. I have two cats and the garbage bags that contain the little can stink after a while!

  12. Yona Williams

    Febreze just makes anything smell better! My Mom buys these bags, I believe. I love scented products like this.

  13. katrinagehman

    i love glad, we actually use them all the time. they are much stronger than some of the other brands my husband has bouught before

  14. Carly Anderson (@lipglosscrayons)

    I love Glad’s kitchen bags. The Odor Guard helps keep our kitchen nice and smelling fresh.

  15. Eliz Frank

    My kids introduced me to them and I think they are great. I use them now.

  16. Lucero De La Tierra @earthformed

    Having good trash bags are essential in the kitchen. I use the Glad bags already, but have never tried the Febreeze ones. I’ll have to look for them.

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