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DIY Wax Melts

6 kids in diapers + 2 preteen boys + not being able to open the windows all winter = 1 STINKY house!  And that’s not exactly what you want your guests to remember when you’re hosting and throwing parties and welcoming them into your home over Christmas.

When I had a house full of daycare kidlets, plus my own 3, melting wax was the only thing that stood between me and the stench of diapers, sweat and whatever other smells would invade our air space.

My wax of choice was the Scent Pods from Gold Canyon.  I loved those things because they smell amazing, but they don’t use an open flame – bonus when you have kids in the house!  But they do cost quite a bit.  So this winter, knowing it would be far too cold to break open those windows to air out the house, I decided to see if I could find a cheaper solution.

While nothing is quite as good as Gold Canyon, I think I’ve found a pretty close alternative — Super Easy DIY Wax Melts!

Because I prefer to do my projects with easily obtainable materials, I looked around at Walmart and Target to see what I could find.  I came across scented tealights with some amazing scents.  And they were cheap too!  About $1 for 8.  I also bought some unscented tealights to try mixing my own fragrances with.  I used Cinnamon Crumble fragrance oil – so warm and welcoming when it’s cold outside!


All I needed to do was remove the wick and make them the right size and shape for my wax melter.  The little metal molds that the tealights come in are the perfect size!  You could also use ice cube trays, but why not put those metal molds to use?


This turned into one of the simplest DIYs I’ve ever done!


– Scented or Unscented Tealights – $1/8

– Fragrance Oils – $1/bottle

– old saucepot

– heat-proof glass bowl or measuring cup

– water


Place bowl in pot and then fill the pot with water about half-way up the outside of the bowl.  Place pot on stove and heat til water is boiling.

Pull tealight out of the metal mold, and remove wick.  Put the wax disk into the glass bowl and let it melt.



When the wax is liquid, use tongs or a silicone oven mitt to remove the bowl.  Mix in the fragrance oils if desired.

Pour the melted wax into the metal molds and let cool.


Now, once the wax is completely cooled, you could pop them out of the metal molds.  Or, you could make clean up SO much easier simply by leaving the wax in the mold!  Just place the entire thing on the ceramic bowl of your wax melter.  After enjoying the scent, let it solidify again and either toss it, or save it for the next time!

Super easy, right?  What’s your favourite way to freshen up your house?


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  1. Traci Rhoades

    My absolute favorite way to freshen up the house is to get something good cooking. Bread is a favorite. Or something in the crockpot. Cookies of course. I like this because not only does it smell good, I get to eat it too!!

    • Megan Elford

      I love the smell of fresh bread! I agree — if I had the chance, I prefer to use fresh baking to scent the house too.

  2. Heather

    Oh I just love this! It makes me smell the aroma just looking at what you did. I love this time of year! #Countdown2Xmas

  3. triciathegoodmama

    Fun! I’ve never tried anything like this before. This doesn’t look too difficult either. #countdown2xmas

  4. Holly Marie

    Hmmm… I can smell my house now… such a great idea! Cinnamon wax melts are in my future! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Shambray

    Oh!!! I’m excited to try this! It seems easy enough. Thanks for sharing!

  6. marinegirl91

    I love this- it looks so easy- and so fun to pick out the different scents! Thank you for sharing- I’ve pinned it!

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  8. joanncrohn

    So easy! Especially the idea of just re-purposing general tealights!

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