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DIY Cuts & Scrapes Travel Kit

You know it’s bound to happen — while you’re exploring the caves, your daughter scrapes her knee on a rocky wall.  Or maybe you’re at the park and your toddler catches his finger in the swing’s chain.  You need a bandage or an ice pack, but you didn’t bring a First Aid kit.

Next time, bring a compact Cuts & Scrapes kit with just the essentials!

I’ve shared our kit with you in the very first video episode of Welcome To The Zoo.  But if it’s naptime and you can’t turn up the volume, you can read all about it below ;-).

1. Bandages of several shapes and sizes – the bigger, the better!  I prefer fabric ones because they stay on so much better than the plastic variety.

2. Antibacterial spray – or cream or ointment, if you can’t find the spray.

3. Advil or Tylenol – for both adults and children.

4. Thermometer – for unexpected fevers.  You can buy these at the Dollar Store for a couple of dollars each.

5. AfterBite – bug bite ointment for the inevitable mosquito and blackfly bites.

6. Hand Sanitizer – for cleaning your own hands before dressing a wound.

7. Instant Cold Compress – single use.  You can also buy these at the Dollar Store.

You’ll be prepared for most of the every day bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes that will happen when you’re out and about, either around the neighbourhood or on a day trip.

When my boys were little, an ER nurse suggested that we keep butterfly sutures with us because of my accident-prone boys.  And we did make good use of them for a few years!  For most kids though, they’re probably not a necessity.

Is there anything you would add?


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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I always travel with a mini first aid kit. I need first aid supplies a lot with kids.

  2. harriet

    I use to always have a kit like that in my car when my kids were growing up
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  3. Kate

    Great list! I have all of these in my purse in a little “emergency kit” at all times…when we travel or hike I just throw it in my rucksack and we are good to go!
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  4. Theresa (Tee)

    I think you’ve got the kit covered. I also agree with you that fabric bandaids stay on much better than the plastic ones.

  5. JoAnn

    Butterfly sutures! Oh man!! That is actually a good idea to keep around for my little boy.
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  6. Chelley @ AisForAdelaide

    This is a great list! I have everything… except bandaids- mine are princess ones, and they are ridiculous.

  7. Carly

    This is great advice, I’m going to put a little kit together to put in my diaper bag!

  8. Esther

    Great list! I have most of them but I don’t have the thermometer or cold compress.
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  9. Maggie

    I am a certified MA so I keep one of these in my car at all times in case I go by a bad accident or something as well. Great, great post!

  10. Debi

    I need to make a new kit like this for the car. Mine have used up all the supplies.
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