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Creative & Unique Ways to Wrap Gifts

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Merry Christmas!  The Big Day is only 11 days away, and the big rush is on.  If you haven’t got all your shopping done (like me), you’re probably looking for ways to cram it into your busy schedule.  But once you have those gifts ready to wrap, I’ve got you covered!

I’m always looking for new ways to wrap gifts in different and unique ways.  So, I searched out some creative ideas from bloggers all around the globe.

Take a look!


I’d love to hear your ideas too!

How do you wrap those oddly shaped items?  What’s the most creative wrapping idea you’ve used?

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  1. Alli

    I love finding new ways to wrap presents. One year I made copies of all the kids/grandkids photos and instead of using gift tags, each person had their photo on their gifts. It was easy for the young kids to give out the presents by looking at the photo.
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  2. Emily

    those are all super fun! We like to make homemade wrapping paper each year, but this year we didn’t. I might need to use some of these creative ideas this year!

  3. Alex

    These ideas are so awesome! I definitely need to finish my last few Christmas shopping ideas. Luckily, I’m able to shop while working (I’m a nanny), so it definitely makes it a biT easier for me!
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  4. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I love finding new, unique ways to wrap gifts! Those sweater gifts are gorgeous! What a smart way to upcycle old or thrifted sweaters!

  5. Travel Blogger

    These are such great ideas! I was literally trying to think of a new way to wrap presents last night. I love the paper with chalk drawing. So creative!

  6. Erica Brooks

    I like the word search wrap idea. I have a relative that does word search all the time and would enjoy opening a gift wrapped in it.
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  7. Tammilee Tips

    I love finding unique ways to wrap presents! These are all fun ideas to wrap up presents.
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  8. Cassie

    Wow! These really are some unique and creative ways to wrap presents! I can’t believe I’ve never tried anything this inventive before.
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  9. Jaime Nicole

    I LOVE the idea of wrapping presents with sweaters! What a great way to upcycle or even gift a new sweater, as long as you aren’t stretching it out!
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  10. Heather

    Such neat ideas here. Sometimes putting as much thought into the packaging as into the gift can be just as fun.
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  11. Michelle

    Love these ideas, I have yet to wrap anything. I usually spend Christmas Eve, in a panic wrapping. This is motivating me to get my wrapping act together.
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  12. Rebecca Swenor

    These are some awesome creative unique ways to wrap gifts. I have used tin foil for wrapping gifts before as well as wrapping with the comics sections of the newspaper. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.

  13. Miranda (Myrabev)

    One thing I am truly bad at after buying presents is actually wrapping them so I always buy gifts that come already wrapped or buy from shops that wrap it for you.
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  14. Franc Ramon

    I like having to squeeze the gifts in the umbrella. It such a unique idea.

  15. Up Run for Life

    These are fun ways to wrap gifts. I saw a cool YouTube video on my daughter’s feed last night. They made wrapping presents look like a breeze.
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  16. Polarbelle

    such creative ideas!!! I used to love to wrap gifts. People would bring them to me to wrap for them. Now I feel like it’s such a huge chore. Thank you for reminding me to go do it!!! The sweater is a great idea.

  17. kita

    I can’t wrap gifts if I tried so I am glad that I have options. If it needs to be wrapped I go to a store that does it for free or I put it in a bag. Big things I don’t bother I just put a bow on it. I love these ideas.

  18. Mimi

    I love to wrap gifts. I always do it on Christmas Eve after everyone has gone asleep. I love the thought of using craft paper this year. I love it because you can write on it and I’ve been practicing my calligraphy so I think that is the route I will be going with this year!

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