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Craigleith Provicial Park {Adventures}


Maybe the endless blanket of white snow is starting to get to me, maybe I’m just wishing for warm days on a sunny beach, but whatever it is, I’ve decided to bump up a new series I’ve been planning on running.

We love taking our kids to as many places as we can, and because we also enjoy living our life on Facebook, we get lots of questions about what such-and-such a place is like, and would our kids have fun doing that.  So I’ve decided to post about a few (or more) of our favourite places, all across Ontario.  And maybe some in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI, depending on how ambitious I get.  I’ll give you an idea of what we like to do there, the cost and what ages the place is appropriate for.  I hope it gives you some great ideas for things to do with your family too!

So, without further adieu, our first place is …

Destination: Craigleith Provincial Park

Cost: < $20 – Day Use Fee Applies

Craigleith Provincial Park is a long narrow parcel of land just outside of Collingwood.  The park is stretched out along the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, and it offers a rugged, rocky shore that people flock to in warm summer months.  It also has tons, like MILLIONS of trilobite fossils embedded in the rocks along the water.  This is very cool for a fossil hunter like me.  But unfortunately it’s against the law to take anything but pictures.


We’ve been to Craigleith a few times now, and each time we take a picnic with us, lots of sunscreen and an extra pair of clothes for each child.  Bathrooms are within walking distance but not terribly close, so keep that in mind with little ones.  You’ll need to drive to the farthest parking lot to get as close as possible to the shore.

The rocky shore extends into the water a bit, and kids can jump onto ledges covered with up to a foot of water.  Depending on the wind and waves, this is where they get soaked!  We have never been swimming off of this shore, but I don’t think I would trust a child younger than 4 to get too close to the edge.


In addition to the shore, there’s a run-off stream that empties into the bay, and this is where my kiddos usually spend most of their time.  The mini (like, tiny) waterfall is perfect for them to splash in, dam up, and throw things into perfectly safely.  Usually this is where I wander around taking pictures and looking for trilobites while the kids splash around, conduct massive engineering projects, and generally enjoy themselves.

There is also overnight camping available at Craigleith for tents and RVs, however, it is RIGHT beside the highway, so don’t expect a quiet evening.  It’s definitely a great place for a day trip though!


Happy Adventuring!

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