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It started during my first university exams, when the stress of late night studying was really starting to get to me.  Since then, any time I am starting to feel overwhelmed by the general craziness of life, it flares up again.

Eczema.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  It starts on my right palm and drives me crazy.  If the stress goes on long enough, my left palm will flare up too.

The dry, itchy skin that eczema produces will keep you up at night.  I’ve tried many things – ice packs, heat, medical grade moisturizer, prescription creams – none of it really worked to take away that terrible itch.  Many times, I’ve scratched so much that the already dry skin has cracked open, adding pain to the itch.

While I haven’t found anything that will take the itch and annoyance away completely, I have found several things that help.  Maybe they’ll help you too!

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Moisturize often.

I have moisturizer beside each of my sinks, and I try to remember to use it every time I wash my hands.  Making sure to moisturize after showers can make a big difference too.  You may want to try these creams.

Watch for your triggers.

My trigger is pretty obvious: stress.  But yours may be different.  Scents, laundry products, and food sensitivities can all be the culprit.  Try eliminating one thing at a time from your environment or diet to see if it makes a difference.

Talk to your doctor.

I’ve tried various medications and they haven’t worked for me.  But talking to your doctor about it is essential, so that you can rule out anything more serious.

Don’t scratch.

Right, I know how difficult this one is, believe me!  Holding an ice pack to the itchy skin will help temporarily, but most of it will boil down to self-discipline.  At the very least, keep your fingernails well trimmed so that when you do scratch, you’ll be less likely to break the skin.

Wear a Pure Hazelwood bracelet or necklace.

I’ve been wearing one for the past two weeks, in anticipation of a flare-up.  I knew it was coming, because it’s currently the beginning of December, and the Christmas craziness has begun.  With several meals and gatherings to plan, shopping to do, and deadlines to meet, I knew the stress would cause my eczema to react.

You can see a bit of dry skin on my hand here, but it's so much less than what I would normally be experiencing!
You can see a bit of dry skin on my hand here, but it’s so much less than what I would normally be experiencing!

Wearing my Pure Hazelwood bracelet has kept my eczema manageable.   Who knew, but Hazelwood actually has anti-inflammatory properties.  Pure Hazelwood has been a world leader in Hazelwood products for 18 years, and they’ve even been leading the scientific research into its health benefits.

Hazelwood can relieve symptoms due to inflammation.  Things like teething, colic, arthritis, skin issues, digestive issues and even mouth sores.  Pure Hazelwood has hundreds of styles of baby, teen and adult-size bracelets, necklaces and anklets, all made of 100% Canadian Boreal forest Hazelwood.  The gemstones and clasps are all high quality too.  Their bracelets and necklaces aren’t just useful, but they’re beautiful too.  The variation in their designs is amazing, there’s something to suit every personality.

You can find Pure Hazelwood products in your local pharmacy, health food store or baby boutique, or you can browse them online on the Pure Hazelwood website Keep an eye out for the Pure Hazelwood Moisturizing Lotion and their Zinc Ointment too!

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What would you use your Pure Hazelwood bracelet or necklace for?

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43 thoughts on “Five Ways To Combat Eczema #PureHazelwood

  1. My mom has eczema, so I would love to get her one of these to help her. What a great idea this is.

  2. Thank you for the information! What size are you wearing? Does it matter where you wear it? For example is a necklace more effective?

    1. Hi Tanya!
      I’m wearing the 7″ Teen/Adult double bracelet. It is snug, so depending on how you like wearing your bracelets, you may want to go up a size from what you would normally wear. From what I understand, the more Hazelwood in contact with your skin, the better. Since a necklace has more wood than a single bracelet, it should be more effective. However, the double bracelet (like mine) has a similar amount of wood as a necklace. It’s all up to what you prefer wearing. I’ve seen it suggested that you wear both to get a maximum amount of benefit.

  3. These are great tips on how to fight eczema. I would share this with my friends whose children suffer from this skin problem.

  4. This is my problem before, I’m so glad that you have a advice about this serious problem.

  5. These are great tips for combating eczema. My biggest trigger is stress. I will have to check this bracelet out for sure. Thanks for the tips.

  6. Excema comes out for me when I consume too much dairy and is made worse by cold weather! Watching triggers is so important because knowing what brings the excema out and avoiding it can make the flare-ups a lot less awful. Moisturizing is also so so important.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this . My oldest boy has eczema and sometimes it’s hard to find something that helps.

  8. I recently had something like this on my forearm. I woke up in the middle of night with the strangest rash. I suspected that it was the laundry detergent that I had used, but wonder if it’s the beginning of eczema. It has mostly cleared after several days, but I can still see that it was there. Plus, it still itches like crazy every now and then!
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  9. I am going to check this out for my daughters. They have such bad eczema and I am willing to try anything to see if it helps. Thank you for sharing.

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