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Visiting Cannington

We grew up in Cannington, so when our far-flung family members were in town, we decided to visit our home town. We enjoyed a picnic by the river, toured the…

Orillia Comic Con 2017!

While Mom was away, Dad took the kids to a Comic Con! They had a great time meeting celebrities and checking out all of the great collectibles. https://youtu.be/64XSgrbwNRU

Trip to Fort Hope {Part Three}

"The only way to serve God is to serve other people."  My recent trip to Fort Hope made me realize in a new way that the reward in serving goes…

Trip to Fort Hope {Part Two}

Here's a look at some of the lighter moments of our trip to Fort Hope in 2017!  From sand hill rolling to filleting fish, we had a blast and shared…

Trip to Fort Hope {Part One}

Here's a look at the first few days of my trip north to Geraldton and Fort Hope! We flew into Thunder Bay from Toronto, and then drove to Geraldton, taking…

A Walk In The Woods

This is a quick video of our walk in the forest today, set to the song "Worth" by Fresh Life Church.  You can find their music at Open.Church or on…

When No Doesn’t Really Mean No

We teach our sons about respect and how to respond graciously when someone tells them "no", and we teach our daughters that they have the right to say "no" and…
DIY Projects

How To Refinish A Kitchen Table!

Have you ever wondered if buying used and refinishing furniture is worth it? Check out this thrift store kitchen table makeover! We sanded it down, stained, painted, distressed and varnished…

A Tour Of The LIFE 100.3 Studio!

Our local Christian radio station had a Open House today -- perfect timing because Ezri has been asking if she could see what the station looks like on the inside.…

It’s the Awana Grand Prix!

Here's a look at our Awana Grand Prix, a pine car derby that our kids grew up doing, and we did when we were kids. Nothing like keeping family traditions…

Grizzly Discovery In The Woods!

While I was getting some Saturday night work done at the office, I thought I'd fill you in on our walk in the woods earlier.  We had a great time…