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Me-Time In The Morning #MyBixMix

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But sometimes breakfast just doesn't happen for me. Getting four kids to wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush…

Here’s To The Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing moms out there! Which special women will you be celebrating this Mother's Day?

Pinterest Meets Real Life

A couple of years ago, I designed a solution to our front entrance clutter.  Our tiny hall closet is home to my husband's things, along with some of our footwear…
Home Daycare

DIY Cuts & Scrapes Travel Kit

You know it's bound to happen -- while you're exploring the caves, your daughter scrapes her knee on a rocky wall.  Or maybe you're at the park and your toddler…
Just for Fun

The Way of the Warrior

They live among us with a smile that doesn't let on. They know that fairy tales are just bedtime stories and they've got the battle scars to prove it.  They…
Home Daycare

Must-Haves For Home Daycare

Running a home daycare in your home is so different than working at a daycare center.  There is limited space in your home, space that you don't want to be…
Life In General

What The Tornado Taught Me

The rain was falling in big, heavy drops, driving onto the ground and making the mud splash up.  Dark clouds loomed overhead. I rushed the 4 kids into the house…
Life In General

Save a Life {PediaSwim}

It's a beautiful sunny afternoon in August and you're relaxing by the pool with your family.  The warm sun and the smell of sunscreen and chlorine lull you into a…
Life In General

4 Ways To Choose Your Battles

Being a parent means you'll be doing battle, even with the most easy-going of children.  But even if it's not a full-out battle of wills, how do you decide when…