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Mom Moments

Mom Moments

The Best Mom Ever!

I'm starting a brand new series on Welcome To The Zoo and I need your help! This new series will be called "The Best Mom Ever" and each week I'll…
Mom Moments

Parenting Fails

This morning I blew it.  Like, big time. I got up only 5 minutes after my alarm went off, got a mini workout in, did my Bible reading, had a…
Mom Moments

Our {Real Life} Vows

The other day, husband and I were talking about renewing our vows.  Probably not in the way that most people would.  Although I would love to have a do-over for…
Mom Moments

Gimme A Break!

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, a friend told me that a mom she knew said that "A good mother doesn't need breaks from her children." I'm…
Book Club

A Million Little Ways

The preschool hallway at church is crowded with high-heeled women and slack-wearing men.  The girls hold on to various parts of my coat while I navigate my way to my…