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Making Life Easier Mondays

Just for Fun

Things I Love About School Break

It's 7:56 on a Monday morning, and my kids are snoring peacefully. Normally by this time, one would have left 20 minutes ago, and the other two would be eating…
Making Life Easier Mondays

Decadent Date Squares

I recently found this absolutely delicious recipe for "Gramma's Date Squares", and had to give it a try.  It's a sweet square that you'll want to enjoy a cup of…
Life In General

Mom Hacks That My Family Loves

Running a household with kids in tow is all about managing priorities.  As much as Facebook would have us believe otherwise, no woman can do it all and survive.  Tasks…

Friday Night Cheesy Monkey Bread

You know me, I'm all about the easy - anything that takes too much of my time, energy, money or patience is not worth it (except for super special occasions).…

Freshen Your Home For The Holidays!

The Christmas season is here!  I am so looking forward to getting together with family and friends, catching up and celebrating with them.  Many of those gatherings will happen right…

Top Five Apps for Moms

I've only had a smartphone for a little over a year.  Before then, I only had a "dumb" phone -- one that made calls ... and that's it.  Now, I'm…
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