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The Prime Minister Eats Big Macs

Here's a fun news item: Apparently our Prime Minister stopped in at a McDonald's to order a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a Happy Meal.  I wonder which…

{Video} The Charles Mully Children’s Choir

The other night we had a great time enjoying the singing, dancing, acrobatics and karate (yes, you read that right!) of the Mully Children's Family Choir.  Charles Mully and his…
Just for Fun

Things I Love About School Break

It's 7:56 on a Monday morning, and my kids are snoring peacefully. Normally by this time, one would have left 20 minutes ago, and the other two would be eating…
DIY Projects

DIY Pallet Growth Chart

For many years now, we've kept a record of our kids' heights on the door frame leading into our kitchen.  It's quite handy and we get to see it every…
Just for Fun

Vlog: The Kids Make Cupcakes

My kids are enjoying their Christmas break, but I do want them to be productive.  So, I asked them to make cupcakes for our annual tradition of having Birthday Cake…