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In The News

Example of Evolution? Not!

Various articles touting evolution in action have been circulating through social media, claiming that the rise of c-sections due to the size limitations of smaller female pelvises is an example…
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The Prime Minister Eats Big Macs

Here's a fun news item: Apparently our Prime Minister stopped in at a McDonald's to order a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a Happy Meal.  I wonder which…
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Meternity Leave: Get Over It

Meternity Leave has broken the internet since this article by Meghann Foye was posted two days ago.   Women are up in arms about Foye's assertions that non-expectant mothers should still…
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Shannen’s Dream #EndTheGap

I was about 13 when they moved in.  A year or two older than me, they traveled hundreds of kilometers from home, leaving their family behind and saying goodbye to…
Eva Ravikovich
Home Daycare

Who’s Watching The Baby?

Two years ago, a little girl named Eva died at an unlicensed daycare right here in Ontario.  Recently, her parents got the go-ahead to sue the Ontario government for their…