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PicsArt_1404507586376So you would think I’d have lots to write about this month, what with two birthdays, a grad, two big family outings, and oh yeah, this huge tornado that swept through our little town.

And I guess I do have lots to write about, but so far since starting this post, I’ve stopped for one phone call, several texts, a kid that was about to throw up, a kid that was kicking another kid, and then me subsequently peeking upstairs to see if the big kids could take the kicking kid outside for a bit, but then getting distracted by the potentially puking kid “seeing funny” and needing her temperature taken (it happens when she gets a fever …).  So finding time to sit down and blog has not come easily over the past couple of months.

And it bugs me because I’ve got so much blog fodder swirling around in my head.  From the toe nail polish debacle that happened literally minutes before the graduation ceremony with no polish remover in the house at all, to the surprised 7 year old exclaiming “Mommy, I can read my thoughts!  I’m reading them RIGHT NOW!!”.  I try to write them down but then something pops up or falls down or breaks into a million pieces (did I tell you about the exploding decorative wall art?) or scares a small child with it’s big and scary sound (like just now, right before I typed that line).

And then the little humans that inhabit my house want to sit in my lap, play Littlest Pet Shop, eat ANOTHER snack, reach the cupboard, and open the gate to the backyard, all at the same time.

So I jump up to help, stub my toe, worry a little one by stepping outside to open that gate, and sit back down to write.

What was I writing about again?

At work, I get to read these amazing blog posts, format them and post them to our website.  And I think maybe one day I’ll be able to write posts like that (excuse me while I grab the chair the little one is about to pull over …).  Maybe someday I’ll have the time to really put a great deal of thought and research and big words into my posts.  Maybe those will be the posts that make people think deep thoughts, question their purpose and their priorities and examine the way they live life (pardon me — it’s time to put the chicken in the oven for dinner — be right back …).

In the meantime, there are other things occupying my time.  And that’s okay.  Because while I may not be making others think deep thoughts, I’m certainly not thinking them either.

But I am meeting needs and kissing foreheads and checking thermometers and stopping kids from eating off the floor and doing laundry and filling bellies and reading stories and cleaning toilets and searching through stacks of shirts at Old Navy to find the perfect tee with the oldest while the others are bored to death.

And if you think about, that’s the stuff of life.  It’s not always about the deep thoughts, the moments of inspiration, the blow-you-away implication in the mundane.  It’s just life.

I could go into the scientific and medical understanding of just what those things entail; the affect of loving your kids, providing for them, being there for them, engaging with them, nourishing them well, allowing them to bond with you in return, and giving them a spiritual identity and values.  It has alot to do with neural pathways and brain development, emotional regulation and the ability to develop healthy relationships throughout life.  But I won’t.

It’s enough to say that this is life.  And it is good.

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