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{Ben’s Blog} 20 Things I’ve Learned In 13 Years

*Today I’m sharing a blog post that my son, Ben, wrote.  Enjoy!*

My mother made a list about what she learned in 40 years.

So I decided I would make a list with less than half the things she learned.


Moms may not understand this unless they spend alot of time with their teenagers. Or their husbands…

2o Things I’ve Learned In 13 Years

1: Watch “Fresh Prince of Belair”.

2: If your dad has any old consoles, play them.

3: Don’t focus on getting a girlfriend, watch other couples and the drama :D.

4: Do Not repeat what other people say until you know what they’re saying (if you think it’s an intellectual joke and you can’t figure it out, just don’t.)

5: If you don’t know an excuse to something, simply say, “*ahem* IT’S BECAUSE I’M BATMAN!”.

6: DO NOT be the annoying person that everyone hates (due to being bossy, demanding, thinking you’re the best at everything…).

7: If you’re meeting someone new, leave them with a good impression.

8: If your friends like something, look into it and see if you might like it.

9: Don’t pretend you like something, unless it’s food you’re being forced to like.

10: If you’re a kid or teenager, watch class drama and make fun of it 😀 (due to this, a friend and I are known to last year’s teacher as “the 2 old men in the balcony from the Muppets”).

11: If your dad has a TV show he wants to show you, watch it and see for yourself if it’s good or bad ( try this if you’re actually similar to your father ).

12: Don’t swear if you want to be a “cool kid”. The “Cool kids” swear because they hear it from their parents or older kids or TV.

13: An “Ass” is a wild donkey, they live in Asia and Africa. Do not describe a really awesome person as a “Bad Ass”. You’re saying they are a “bad wild donkey”.

14: If you’re a nerd, use it to your advantage in life and use your brains instead of wanting to be different.

15: @Moms and Dads
Video games ARE NOT bad. They are a great learning experience of puzzles, strategy, reacting, Action, Platforming, Adapting and learning. You’re just jealous you did not have them in your day.

16: Watch Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, and any other major sci fi show that are good.

17: Be yourself! Don’t be funny if you’re not that funny, or something else.

18: Get these references: “Luke I am your father”, “I love you! – I know.”, “I heard you were bit by a cobra – Yea, after 5 days of agonizing pain, the cobra died.”

19: I’m getting too old for this… by this I mean everything…

20: Don’t commit to anything yet. Life’s just easier that way 😀

What advice would you give a 13 year old?


  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    OMG this is hysterical! I am definitely going to sit my 11 down and have him watch Fresh Prince of Belair! You are right -it is awesome.

  2. Jaime Nicole

    This is really great stuff! I love some of these advice points and there are lots of grown ups who would do well to remember to stop trying to be something they aren’t – and also not to try intellectual jokes if you don’t get them (that’s good advice no matter what your age).
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  3. Seth

    this sounds like something you would say (I know her son we go to school together he is hillarious) I may create something like this…
    Go check out Seth’s latest post! {Ben’s Blog} 20 Things I’ve Learned In 13 YearsMy Profile

  4. Alli

    First of all, I love your hair! Fresh Prince of Belair was/is one of my faves (and I’m older than your mom!). You’re one smart dude (can I still say dude?) and I totally agree about not swearing. I don’t swear and I’m an adult. Lastly, you need your own blog. You’re rocking the blogging thing.
    I’m a child of the 70’s and my 27-year-old daughter collects 70’s albums to play on her record player. Be still my heart!
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  5. Cassie

    I love your son’s list! I know my husband would strongly agree with most of the Sci-Fi and video game related ones.

  6. Esther @ The Cuteness

    Love his list! Especially his point about the nerds. The nerds shall rule the world 🙂 It’s totally true.

  7. Miranda (Anosa)

    Hahahaha I have not had a laugh like this in a while, definitely loving #13 and #15. He should write more posts.
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  8. Valerie

    These are fantastic. My favorite is the *ahem* “It’s because I’m Batman!”. That is awesome!

  9. Wendy

    Love #13! I have always been a nerd from the time I was his age. So were my friends. We never cared that we did not fit in with the crowd!

  10. Angelic Sinova

    This is so funny! I love that it’s going from a teens/your sons perspective. I completely agree with number 13!
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  11. Franc Ramon

    I like using I am Batman as an excuse. Playing with old consoles are great. The graphics is different from today but the concepts of games back then was classic.
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  12. Chantal

    I love this post! Far too often we take life very seriously and forget how important all of these little things are.
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  13. Nicole

    Too funny! #9 is both insightful and comical! I love it. Makes me remember what it was like to be 13, many, many, years ago!

  14. Emma Spellman

    Ben you are so awesome. I wish I knew what you know at your age. #13 cracked me up.

  15. Ave

    What a great post! I really like the things you have learned, especially #3, #13 and #17. Hope that my daughter is as smart as Ben is, when she is 13.

  16. Bites for Babies

    What a unique and interesting list…so raw but so true! No need for lengthy affirmations 😉

  17. Stephanie of The TipToe Fairy

    What a great list! He’s got a lot figured out for being just 13. My advice is to be yourself. Don’t try to be like other people, like what you like and be authentic. Man, I hated fake people when I was 13 years old, lol.
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  18. Kiwi

    He is hilarious and an old soul at the same time. Yes definitely watch the Fresh Prince of Belair!! Best show ever I grew up on that show and so happy the younger generation still enjoy it. Its a timeless comedy!

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