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Anatomy of a Road Trip, Days 1-5

It’s currently Day 5 of our Epic Canadian Road Trip. We’ve eaten more Timbits, stopped at more tiny gas stations, and swatted way more mosquitoes than we can count. And we’re still going strong. We’ve got a few days left until we hit the Pacific Ocean, but we’ve already had a few adventures. Our favourite part so far?  Ezri’s is “the animal place where I got my toy”.  That toy would be a millipede and that place would be the Westman Reptile Gardens.  Not a place for the faint of heart. Here’s our adventure recap so far: Day 1: Drove to Lake Superior Provincial Park. image Day 2: Drove to Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park and took in the falls. image Day 3: Drove to Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba, watched some very brave deer, and found out where the leaches hide at the beach. Day 4: Drove to Spruce Wood Provincial Park in Manitoba and hiked through a small section of Spirit Sands. image Day 5: Visited Westman Reptile Gardens and drove to Echo Valley Provincial Park in Saskatchewan. image Tomorrow’s plans include visiting Rouleau, Saskatchewan, the filming location for Corner Gas, and then heading to Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta!

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