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{Adventures} Hope For Wildlife

20150820_161236When we said we were going to visit Nova Scotia during our vacation, my mother-in-law told us about this great TV show she had been watching: Hope For Wildlife.

It’s a wonderful show about Hope, the owner of an animal sanctuary with a mission of returning as many animals to the wild as possible.  Her sanctuary is located in the tiny town of Seaforth, Nova Scotia, right on the coast.

Here’s a promo clip for the show:

Animals are brought to Hope For Wildlife by the public or by the authorities, because they are abandoned by their owners, injured in car accidents, or found living in places they shouldn’t be.

Any animal that hasn’t become too familiar with humans and is native to the area will be returned to the wild. Animals that are not native to the area, or that have become too accustomed to interacting with humans can’t be released and will stay at Hope For Wildlife permanently.

We had the chance to tour the sanctuary and meet some of the full-time animal residents.  We were given an hour-long guided tour, and were able to meet some of the animals up close.

None of the animals we saw will be released because they have either imprinted on humans, have lost essential defensive mechanisms, or they aren’t native to Nova Scotia.

This little guy is a three-legged skunk could no longer spray, and as a result, has no natural defense in the wild.



This peacock was found wandering around the outskirts of the city.  It’s obviously not naturally found in Nova Scotia, so it’s now a permanent resident of Hope For Wildlife.


This is the hospital, where staff can perform any procedure or treatment that the animals might need.

Below is a Pine Martin, who has a special bond with Hope.  In fact, according to our guide, this little guy actually has access through tunnels into her house!

20150820_153739We didn’t get to see any of the animals that they hope to release back into the wild.  That’s intentional.  The staff do everything they can to avoid enabling the animals to become too familiar with humans.

We also got to see the new facility that is currently being built.  The plan is for Hope to live on the top floor of the building, while the lower two floors will be used for animal treatment and rehabilitation.

Tune into the reality TV series, Hope For Wildlife, or find it on YouTube to check out the many stories of animals rescued and returned to the wild.

Hope For Wildlife was a wonderful place to visit and learn more about.  Admission is free with a donation, and their summer hours are 10am-4pm daily. 

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  1. Ourfamilyworld

    It’s nice to know that there is a place like Hope For Wildlife that houses rescued animals. It must have been too exciting for you to tour the sanctuary. My kids would love to see this place.

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    What an amazing place! I always love to see organizations helping animals like this, and the hospital is a fantastic plus for the animals, as well. There are so many groups to help humans, I’m glad to see groups to help animals as well.
    Go check out Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle’s latest post! Quick & Easy Baked Haddock RecipeMy Profile

  3. Sage @ Sage & Simple

    What a wonderful place, and what a lovely person Hope must be! Did you get to meet her? I love animals and The Pine Martin is adorable!

    Nova Scotia is a bit far to travel from Denmark, but I’d love to visit Hope for Wildlife.
    Go check out Sage @ Sage & Simple’s latest post! DIY Vitamin C Serum RecipeMy Profile

  4. Michele B

    I love that this place exists to help out animals!! What an amazing place to be able to take the kids to as well such an amazing learning experience for them as well! Looks like a fun tv series and youtube show to watch.
    Go check out Michele B’s latest post! College Care Package Ideas for BoysMy Profile

  5. Dee

    This just touched my heart. What a wonderful idea and blessing to have a place for animals who need help. I like that they don’t send back the animals that can’t defend themselves or who have imprinted on humans. I never heard of this place until now, so thank you so much for sharing, this really touched my heart.

  6. Cindy (Vegetarian Mamma)

    I have a very special spot in my heart for animals, I very loving soft spot! This touched my heart, I am so glad that a place like this exists for animals. How fun it would be to take my children there for such a great learning experience.
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  7. rika

    Such an amazing place. So glad to know that there is always hope for those animals. It really helps to spread awareness. Hope i can bring my kids to visit Hope for Wildlife soon. Help give every animal a second chance at life
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  8. Briton

    This looks like such a wonderful experience to share with your children! I love places like this that care for animals that need help. It is so great you got to see it up close and teach your kids how important it is to protect wildlife and treat them with respect!

  9. Laura MyNewestAddiction

    You don’t really think about this on a daily basis but honestly our wildlife needs a lot of help. It is easy for us to live in our houses and cities but our wildlife doesn’t have that luxury. I am happy to see that there is an organization out there helping
    Go check out Laura MyNewestAddiction’s latest post! Everyday MakeupMy Profile

  10. LaShawn

    What an amazing place! This looks like it would be a great place to share with my son. I love organizations that help animals and spread awareness and give animals a second chance!
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