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Adoption Update {Jan 2014}

P1010183If nothing else, the process of adoption is a lesson in patience.  For a woman who would rather drag a couch up the stairs on her own than wait for hubby to get home from work to help just to get it done now, this waiting is a bit of a drag.

And when a friend was teasing me that we were taking the easy way out of adding to our family, I almost told her I’d rather go through a 12 hour medication-free labour and delivery again if it meant the waiting would be over.

It’s not that we’re chomping at the bit to have another baby around.  It would be nice, but we’re more likely to be matched with someone older.  It’s that we’ve committed to expanding our family and we’d like to get on with life already.  Vacation plans, work plans, even Christmas next year all have two plans — with 3 kids and with 4 kids.  Not that adding a 4th kid changes things by much or adds that much work or cost onto things — we’ve had a 4th kid with us on lots of family trips, holidays and gatherings.  It’s that when a child is placed with us, she may need for us to stay close to home for the first several weeks or months.

And too, it’s that I want our first 3 kids to be in the mental and emotional space they need to be in for the transition to a bigger family to go as smoothly as possible.  As time passes, I find we talk about adoption less and less, but I don’t want the possibility to completely escape them.

So, as it stands now, we are AdoptReady.  Here in Ontario, that means we’re totally approved, totally ready to go.  We’re literally just “waiting for the phone call”.  I’m told that phone call could happen within a few months, within a few years, or never.  I imagine this is a tiny fraction of what the uncertainty of infertility must feel like.  Never quite knowing if anything will happen this month.  Or next month.  Or next year.  For an impatient, impulsive, take action person like me, it’s a little bit tortuous.  There’s nothing we can do to speed up the process but stay in contact with our social worker, and wait on God’s timing.   But at the same time, that’s all He’s asked us to do: just complete the process.  The rest is up to Him!

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