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A Visit to Green Gables, Prince Edward Island!

We just got back from a week in Prince Edward Island!  We had a wonderful time enjoying the sand and sun, but one of our favourite memories is from our visit to Green Gables.

Green Gables, PEI

Green Gables is a National Park, and is THE place to visit for fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s series about Anne, a precocious red-headed orphan, who comes to live on the Island around the turn of the century (last century, not this one!).

Anne's Bedroom, Green Gables, PEI Kitchen, Green Gables, PEI Dining Room, Green Gables, PEI

We headed through the Express Lane, thanks to our Parks Canada Pass.  This year’s pass is actually good for two years, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation!  We skipped the Admissions Line, and headed right in.

Inside the reception area, a staff member greeted us and introduced us to the Parks Canada Xplorers’ program Children receive an activity book to complete as they make their way around the National Park or Site.  Once they’ve completed a certain number of activities, they’ll get a certificate and a collectible souvenir medallion!

Green Gables, Xplorers, PEI Xplorers, Green Gables, PEI

We then moved into the theater where a 15 minute movie about Lucy Maud Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables provided an introduction to the area and the series.  I did notice that the narrator was careful to point out that Anne Shirley, a heroine beloved by generations of children around the world, is actually a fictional character ;-).

Lucy Maud Montgomery, PEI

After the video, we headed outside, through the barn and towards Green Gables.  The park was quite busy and we waited in line for a few minutes before heading through the house.

Then we headed out on a few of the walking trails around the grounds: Lover’s Lane and through the Haunted Wood.  It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed stopping to read the signs along the way with quotes from Maud about the woods we were standing in.Green Gables, PEI, Haunted Wood Trail

There are several places around the grounds where you can enjoy a picnic lunch, and a small cafe is on site.  While we were there, a lovely lady portraying Anne was also there to take pictures with.  I’d suggest planning at least a couple of hours to really enjoy the exhibits and wander the grounds.

Anne of Green Gables, PEI

Butter Churn Cafe, Green Gables, PEI

Green Gables was a wonderful place to spend the morning. 

It’s an absolute must-see when you’re visiting Prince Edward Island!


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  1. Danita

    My daughter is a bit Anne of Green Gables fan! She would love to visit. Great pictures!

  2. Jeanette

    I remember reading a book when I was a little kid. It is such a wonderful classic I think everybody should read it. I would love to check out this place.
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  3. Christopher Lewis

    Looks like a great place with such history! I am a sucker for history and books so we will nee to come visit the island at some point in the future!
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  4. Sarah

    This looks like an amazing experience and oh the history there I bet! Loved reading this and seeing all of those magnificent photos!

  5. Liz Mays

    What a nice historical experience! It’s great that it’s so family friendly with areas for picnics.

  6. Chrishelle Ebner

    What a very cool experience. I love to see history come to life. I have always dreamed of visiting Prince Edward Island.

  7. Anita Fonte

    Oh that was one of my favorite books growing up and watching the movies on PBS. For my birthday my husband surprised me with a copy of Anne of Green Gables which I cherish. I so want to travel to Prince Edward Island and see this for myself. I know that she is only fiction but will alway be real to me.

  8. Dee

    Wow! This is such a cool place, I remember reading Ann of Green Gables growing up, but I didn’t know it was based off of a real place.

  9. Jeanine

    This would be amazing to visit. I’ve always been a fan, and haven’t even thought of it in so long! I would love to make a trip here!

  10. Bonnie @wemake7

    I would love to take my family there to visit. What a great experience.

  11. Vera Sweeney

    What a fun place to visit!! I know my daughter would have a blast visiting this island!
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  12. Lisa

    What a fun little day trip. I didn’t know there was a haunted wood there.

  13. Bella

    The Canadian east coast is a beautiful place. I always enjoyed the story of Anne of Green Gables.

  14. Rebecca Swenor

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day at the Green Gables National Park. I have never heard of this park In Prince Edwards Island but it looks like a place we would love to see for sure. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  15. Clara

    That house looks so charming. I can really visualize Anne living there.
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  16. Lynzy

    Looks like such a fun and family friendly spot! I love this! Your pictures are great; I’ve never heard of this park, so I want to check it out!

  17. Kristin

    Oh I just love places like this. It looks so peaceful and just pure. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Wander Moi

    The place looks beautiful and serene. Looks like it’s a wonderful place to have a tour with family and enjoy the sceneries. Anne of Green Gables book is a famous story and kids enjoyed reading it.
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