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A Quiet Saturday Afternoon

We had a quiet Family Day weekend, topped off by a trip to the beach.  The beach was great — perfectly sunny, not a cloud in the sky and hardly anyone else was there.  Oh, did I mention that we live in Canada?  And it’s February?IMAG3524


Anyway, we also had a chance to round out our usual screen-time fare with a new game from Dolphy Educational Games, designed especially for my 6 year old.  That’s right, they’ve personalized it with her own name.  How cool is that?  Believe me, for the youngest in a family of 5 who has been blessed with pre-loved clothing and a bicycle her brothers learned on, having something just for her was HUGE.


Here’s how it works: when you place your order, you send Dolphy your child’s first name.  They do the rest. While your child is playing, the software verbally encourages and cheers your child on, using their own name.  I have to admit, I was a little concerned that my daughter’s very unique name would be pronounced incorrectly by the game, but it’s spot on!

There are several games for your child to play, 9 altogether, and they cover skills like spelling, math, spatial reasoning, reading, numeracy, and more.  The part I loved the most was the fact that there are 3 different skill levels for each game, from Easy to Difficult.  These games can grow with your child, giving you a number of years’ worth of learning.  The website suggests ages 4-10, but you could probably use the program even beyond the age of 10 for review and practice.


The graphics are welcoming and downright cute, and the background music is SO much better than some other games my kids enjoy playing (you know, the kind where, for the sake of your sanity, you always have remind the kids to wear headphones).

So, not only did I get a quiet afternoon, but I was able to sneak some learning into my daughter’s computer time ;-).


She loved the fun factor, and she really loved the fact that the computer knew her name!  And the price is right.  The regular price of $34.99 is marked down to $9.99 right now — that’s a great deal for such a multi-faceted program (and about the same as what you’d pay for a premium smartphone app!).

Check out the website here.  I’d love to hear what you think about it!


I received a free copy of Dolphy Personalized Educational Games in return for this review. 

All opinions are my own. 


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