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PRIDE Training

PRIDE: Week #8

At our first week's session, our instructors said that some of our classes may hit close to home and leave us feeling emotionally drained, or even bring up past emotions. …
PRIDE Training

PRIDE Week #7

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This week's class was all about discipline.  We started with figuring out the difference between "discipline" and "punishment". When I think of the word "discipline",…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE Training — Week 6

This week we talked about "Strengthening Family Relationships". We watched about an hour of  "A Place Between:  The Story of An Adoption", a first person documentary about the search for…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE – Week 5

This past week was our "panel week", instead of what is scheduled as Week #5 in the PRIDEbook.  We had several guests: a kinship-care mom, an adoptive mom, and a…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE – Week #4

This week's topic was loss: how it impacts children, how they process it, and how we can help them through it. As we learned, while adoption may be a huge…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE Training – the Third Week

This week's session was all about attachment, an essential part of any child's development.  We don't often consider how important a step attaching to a caregiver is for a newborn…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE Training Session 2

A couple of days ago we had our second PRIDE session out of a total of 9 sessions. We started off with statistics for our county. With a population of…
PRIDE Training

PRIDE Training – The First Week

Last night we had our very first adoption training session! The curriculum is called PRIDE, which stands for Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education.  It's a 27 hour course,…

Big Shiny Church {Guest Post}

I’m a Christian. Let’s be honest, it’s no easy thing to speak freely and say what is on my mind. Especially in our ever changing libertarian culture. I don’t claim…

What is Kinship Care?

It was a Monday afternoon.  My daughter was home from school, sick with the last of a strep infection.  I was getting as much work done as I could while…

Things I’ve Learned as a Pre-Adoptive Mother

It's been one year since we were approved, one year since our PRIDE training, home study, record checks, medicals, fingerprinting, home inspections, and baby proofing were completed. But no, we…

Osteology and the Study of Garbage Bags

Little known fact about me:  I love bones.  Mostly human bones, but I also enjoy animal skeletons. One time in university we had a guest speaker that our Osteology prof…

Scattered Links

With the recent media coverage of the complaints from the athletes participating in the Sochi Olympics, light has been shed on the state of not only orphaned dogs in Russia,…
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