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Don’t Freak Out: 5 Ways To Keep It Together When Life Goes A Little Crazy

DontFreakOutThis has been my mantra the past couple of weeks: Don’t freak out.

Have you ever had one of those months when your life is turned upside down? When your responsibilities change in a huge, dramatic way, your schedule is stretched and your time is suddenly completely consumed?

This was one of those months for me. Oh yes, and it was without any warning at all.

Now don’t get me wrong, given the same circumstances, I wouldn’t change how this month has gone for anything. All of the craziness has been to help a friend that I love and support. But even so, it has been a bit overwhelming at times.

So how to you keep sane when everything around you is threatening the opposite? Here are a few things that have worked for me:

1. Tidy up.
The other day the living room was a disaster: toys everywhere, puke buckets and towels strewn about, and paperwork covering the coffee table. Clutter makes me feel like things are out of control, so I took 10 minutes (even though I had to endure protests for the duration) to pick up and tidy. That 10 minutes was all it took to look at things with fresh eyes.

2. Order take-out and eat off of paper plates.
We don’t do it often, but when we do order pizza, it’s so worth it! No prep or clean up for me. Since those things take about an hour in total of my time, I can use that time for other things.

3. Crank the tunes.
What is it about a good beat that just makes you want to smile? Singing along (but only in the van, if you have a voice like mine) is even better. For that 3 minute song, your mood is changed, your outlook is sunnier, and depending on the volume, you get a bit of a break from the unhappy voices around you.

4. Let some things go.
If you have one commitment too many on your plate, let it go. Call it in, find a replacement, or do whatever you have to do to maintain your sanity.

5. Let others help.
When your bff calls and asks how she can help, tell her exactly what you need. Delegate tasks in addition to regular chores to your older children. And let hubby know what your to-do list includes so that he can step in and share the load.

Let’s face it, life gets crazy for all of us at times. But just because life goes a little crazy, it doesn’t mean we have to join in the insanity!

How do you keep sane when life goes off the deep end?




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